Beautiful eyes are complemented with well-groomed eyebrow. Read below to know how to groom your eyebrows.

Eyebrow Grooming Tips

Apart from her beauty, the most distinguishable feature that can be noticed in the face of Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece Mona Lisa is the absence of eyebrows. Then you may ask why is Mona Lisa considered to be the most beautiful painting in the world? One interpretation of it can be because; genius that he was, Vinci knew the importance of eyebrows in attracting the gaze of the viewer towards the brows and most importantly towards the eyes. By eliminating the brows, he made sure that now the gaze of the viewers concentrated solely on the highly distinctive lips. Those lips are said to change appearance with the change in the viewer’s mood. Coming back to the eyebrows it is not surprising how much well trimmed brows can augment the look of the entire face. For both men and women, carved eyebrows are a must to add the much needed style factor. It will also give your face a cleaner look by making the forehead look wide and making the eyes prominent. That is why eyebrow grooming is very much a part and parcel of the makeup routine. Read below to know how to groom the eyebrows.
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How To Groom The Eyebrows 
  • First, you should get a clear idea of where the eyebrow begins. Take a ruler and place it on the inner corner of the eye. The area just above the inner corner is the place from where the eyebrow should start.
  • For people with wide eyes it is better to leave a few hairs outside of the area where the eyebrow normally starts. This will make the eyes appear closer. If the eyes are set close, then you can trim the eyebrows a little bit away from the area where they normally begin.
  • The next thing that you should do is to decide on what shape you are going to give to your eyebrows. Decide on where to start the brows and where to end them. Even the placement of the eyebrow arch matters.
  • Mark the hair that you want to remove using a white eyeliner.
  • While grooming the eyebrows take care not to stand too close to the mirror. Keep some distance between you and the brow so that you can balance the eyebrows. Go closer to the mirror only to trim the fine hair.
  • Before trimming, always remember that the eyebrow should be balanced. So, make sure that the eyebrows are not uneven. The eyebrow line from start to end should be nearly horizontal.
  • The perfect eyebrow is the one where the eyebrow line is straight from the start to the eyebrow. Then from the arch to the end, it has a soft curve. This style generally looks good on everyone.
  • Do not use the tweezers too much on top of the eyebrows, as it tends to flatten the shape. This will also make it difficult to make the arch. To create the arch tweeze underneath the arch. Only tweeze the stray hairs on top of the eyebrows.
  • The best way to trim the brows is to hold the hair with the tip of the tweezers, touching the skin while pulling. You should always pull towards the direction of the hair growth. This will reduce the pain a lot.
  • Before and after tweezing apply witch hazel with a cotton ball so as to avoid the red bumps.
  • Always follow the natural eyebrow line. It won’t work to have very thin eyebrows for people with very thick brows and for those with thin eyebrows it will be very hard to maintain thick eyebrows.

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