Cornrows are called so because of their resemblance to cornfields. Check out ideas on different cornrow braid styles.

Cornrow Hairstyles

What would the American rapper Snoop Dogg be without cornrows? Would he be as recognizable as he is now? What about Ludacris? The American rapper who made ‘angled cornrows’ as popular as it is now! Cornrows are a way of styling hair into looking like corn rows in a farm. The hair has to be grown out and then be braided into cornrows. Cornrows have managed to garner patrons all over the world because not only they are easy to maintain but they also provide a cool and sexy look to the wearer. Cornrows come in different designs and pattern. You can style your hair into simple cornrows, opt for complex patterns, like a symbol, or sign on the back of your head. However, you will need the assistance of a friend or professional hairstylist to style your hair into intricate cornrows. Take your step! Explore this article for ideas on various cornrow braid styles.
Cornrow Braid Styles 

Straight Rows
Straight rows are the most preferred and simplest way of braiding or styling hair into cornrows. Here, the hair is simply pulled back and braided into cornrows. Straight rows amongst all cornrow braid styles come closest to resembling the rows of corn in a cornfield, so that explains the name. Straight rows are extremely ‘user friendly’ too. You don’t really need the help of a friend or a professional to style your hair into cornrows. You can do it yourself, but you may need a lot of practice and patience to become an expert ‘self-help braider’. Do not try to experiment, keep it simple! With time and practice, you’re bound to become a ‘professional’ at braiding. Remember, this is the most basic cornrow braid style and also the style that most men first try when opting for the cornrow look. 

Angled Cornrows
The ‘Angled Cornrows’ look is the second most preferred look. In terms of popularity and frequency of occurrence, it ranks second only to the straight rows look. The angled cornrows style of braiding hair was first made popular by African American rappers, Ludacris being the most noteworthy. Ludacris made the look so famous that angled cornrows are often also called Ludacris cornrows. A person who braids his hair into angled cornrows will braid it diagonally away from the eye to the back of the head. In other words, the hair will be braided at an angle, as opposed to hair that’s braided into straight rows. Angled cornrows are sometimes preferred over straight rows because they look different and allow the particular individual to break away from the ordinary. 

Weaved Cornrow
Weaved cornrows are cornrows that are styled into curves and literally look like they’ve been weaved onto the head. The cornrows will start off at a certain point on the front of the head and will curve away to the right or left of the head and finally come together at the back of the head. Another way of sporting weaved cornrows is to have it styled from one side of the head to the other. In this way, the cornrows will start off at a certain position and will run horizontally across the head. 

Creative Cornrows
The list is endless. It all depends on your creativity or the creativity and skill of the person who is braiding your hair into cornrows. Your hair can be really styled into a ‘trillion’ ways. From simple experiments to complex patterns, cornrows give you the best of both worlds. You can get the map of your country conrowed or opt for the tried and tested Belgian waffle pattern. Waffle cornrows are cornrows that are styled to look like a waffle. The criss-cross waffle design ranks high amongst alternative corn row looks and requires a lot of time and patience. Apart for the waffle cornrow look, you can also choose between spirals, swirls, X patterns and concentric circles. However, you’ve got to remember that these are just suggestions. You can always think ‘out of the box’ and opt for a cornrow look that no one has ever tried before.

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