Are you more game for sylphlike shape than fulsome figure? If yes, then these tips on how to look super skinny can get you high up on the leaner ladder and make you look a real rage.

How To Look Super Skinny

Curve is out, lean is in! This seems to be the hottest fashion buzz now with super-skimpy, super-slim stunners ruling the ramp and the big screens like never before. With the curve craze almost a passé now, more and more women are wishing for that ‘willowy wasp-waist’ today. XS (extra small) or XP (extra petite) is the real X-factor now, what with the shrinking dresses storming the showroom racks like never before. The global fixation with skinniness and the desire to turn downsize is on an all-time high now with everyone, right from a tinsel-town glam dolls to wannabe teenagers, going gaga over it. Gone are those times when more fuller-bodied women took the air and walked away with all applause. The rising trend of super-skinny has set the attention away from curves to a more sylphlike stature. Designers explain this paradigm shift to women’s psychology - the smaller the size, the better. This mindset has probably given way to this ‘zero sizing’ that is the latest catchphrase in the circles now. While crash diet and intense exercise is the true secret to a more skinny appeal, getting the clothes and looks right can at times set the super skinny look straight for you. To know more on how to look super skinny, read on.
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Tips For Looking Super Skinny
  • Do you dream of a ‘zero-sized’ wardrobe, but do not wish to starve yourself to fit the corset? Here’s how you can faux a stick-thin look, without going high on crash diet and intense exercise. The first step to pull up a super-slim look is to know your body type. Body type varies from apple or inverted shape to the triangular pear ones to straight to the more hyped hour-glass figure. Knowing your body shape right will only give you an edge over your desired look and size.
  • Once you have figured out your shape, the next step is to camouflage your size and shape with the most flattering attire and accessories. Since apple shaped females tend to be big around the shoulders and bust, low necklines, undefined waistline and huge striking dangles and neckpieces should do the trick for them.
  • Pear shaped females can opt for large necklines and straight cut skirts or pants to guise their narrow waist but large hips. Wrap dresses, high necklines, straight leg pants and A-line skirts usually work wonders for rectangular-shaped body. V-neck or scoop neck tops, dresses with a defined waistline is indeed the right pick for the more hour-glass figurine.
  • If you thought that donning super-tight clothes would leave you with that super-slim effect, you were in all rights, wrong. Just like baggy clothes do little to guise the body flaws, super-taut garments can leave you looking all wired and stiff. The cue is to pick a size that fits you snugly and comfortably. Remember, fashion is not always about the smallest size, it is always about the right size!
  • A super skinny look has much to do with the innerwear as much as the outerwear. While women expend much time and effort to get their outerwear straight, little do they think before picking their size? It’s okay to want to look skinny. But that doesn’t mean you bargain for the smallest size available. Ill-fitted innerwear can just make one look over the top, leave alone looking skinny. Just grab the right sized innerwear and watch yourself transform into a stunner.
  • What you wear and how, can make a huge difference on how you look. To avoid a faux-pas, stay away from high-rise pants or high-waist jeans. Pleated pants are big no-no since they tend to add bulk around the hips. Also, it would pay to stay away from sheer fabrics like satin since they tend to draw attention to the unwanted bulges.

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