Want to get that edgy, emo/punk look like a scene girl? Glance through the article and get some tips on how to apply scene eye makeup, to get that vintage look you always dreamt of.

How To Apply Scene Eye Makeup

Choppy short hair or long spikes with bandana, fake moles, pierced body and heavy makeup are the few identity traits of a scene girl. Add to this bright, heavy makeup and you would have a perfect look which goes in sync with the wild and outstanding personality of a scene girl. Scene makeup plays up on the eyes. The mantra of a perfect scene makeup is dark and catchy eye makeup with slight touch of foundation and lip gloss. Heavy black eyeliner, big lashes and bright eye shadows play a vital role in providing a scene look. However, what counts most is the application. It is very important to wear the eye makeup properly, as a bad application can give you a “sad clown in rain” look. The lines to follow provide you with few scene eye makeup tips that will help you get cryptically sexy look.
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Scene Eye Makeup Tips
  • The first step would be to gather all the makeup stuff that would be required to get that scene look. Black is an authorized scene makeup color. Therefore, look in for good quality black eyeliner, which you can work on with, without many complications. Though liquid eyeliner is considered to be ideal for the purpose, rich pigmented stick eyeliner can also prove out to be perfect for the job. If you are looking for a bolder and a funkier look opt for bright colors like violet, blue, gray or even a color as unique as bright neon to get that extra spark.
  • Once you have picked the eye liner, it is time to turn for some fetid and burnished eye shadows. Eye shadows in their liquid or creamy form will give out the best result. However, some high quality powdered shadows can also deliver the same clout with no or little mess. Choose colors like bright pink, bright green with gold undertones, a smoky pewter, red, fuchsia, lavender or any other bright color that aptly compliments your choice of eyeliner.
  • Purchase good quality mascara in black or in any other bright color that suits your skin and fake eyelashes to add on instant drama and glamour to your scene makeup. Go for ones that give a voluminous effect, rather than those that just add to the color. 
  • Once you have gathered all the stuff, start off by using an eye primer. Eye primer provides a base for the heavy makeup to follow. Choose a shade that matches your skin color. 
  • Once you are done with primer, start in with the eyeliner, applying it on the upper lid from the inner corner out to the outer corner of your eyelid. You can even wing the line into a little tail for some extra dramatic touch to it. Go ahead and line your lower lid in the same manner with a different color, maybe one that is similar to your eye shadow.
  • Pick up your eye shadow and apply it carefully over the upper eyelid from the lash line to the eyebrow bone, with the help of an angled brush. Make sure that you use a bright and smooth color and apply it evenly over both the eyelids. You can even apply the shadow on the lower eyelid. If you want to get a retro look, play with different color combos.
  • Now, it is time for your dark black mascara and artificial eyelashes to spread their charm. Add two coats of black mascara with fake eyelashes to get an elegant look. Lightly brush the entire area with some translucent powder to keep the makeup intact. Any other face makeup should be pale and low in key. A little powder or foundation and a lip gloss will be enough to complement and make your scene makeup shine.

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