Does every visit to a hair salon leave your wallet washed-out? Here are some tips on how to save money on hair salon visits without going down on your style quotient. Read on for more.

How To Save Money On Hair Salon Visits

Are pricey hair fixes at the posh salon in your neighborhood leaving your bank account completely fagged? While it’s flattering to splurge into the luxury of a professional hair care every once in a while, these lavish expenses, nevertheless, are seldom gratifying to your stringent budget. However that does not mean that you have to cramp your style to curb the costs. All of us love to be pampered and a trip to a hair salon or hair spa indeed counts as a well-deserved treat, after days of toil and hard work. However, at times, it becomes difficult to fit that well-earned treat into the budget. So what do you do? Skip the salon and sport messy, undone hair. Before you hit the panic button, know that it does not always take a fortune to flaunt a fabulous you. Before you go sick with the idea of emptying your purse for a pricey hairstyle, taking a quick look at these thrifty strategies can save your day. Just run down the following money-saver tips to get a celeb-like makeover, at the price of peanuts. Here take a look on how to save money on hair salon visits without looking drab. Read on for more.
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Tips To Save Money At The Hair Salon
  • Does a visit to your favorite hair spa or salon leave your purse zonked out? If yes, then it would definitely pay to make a little snip on your expenses. However, that doesn’t mean that you leave your loyalty at door. Never mind if you have to spend a bomb to get your hair styled by an expert initially. A well-structured hairstyle stays fresh for almost six-months. You can contact his apprentice or junior hairstylist for touch-ups, in case you need any. In that way, you will save yourself from stretching your moolahs on styling your mane every other month.
  • You don’t always have to spend away a fortune to fit into the fashion trend. Sometimes a little fringe here and a little ‘dusting’ there can give you a fabulous makeover, without going broke. Most stylists gladly offer to shape a fringe or trim a layer for free or minimal price. So just play with your options and judiciously edge your cut to stay high up on fashion ladder. A minor snip here and there can add a whole new dimension to your look.
  • A new salon has come up at your neighborhood and you are more than tempted to give it a shot. But before you indulge, it would make sense to try out your pricey new stylist. Just ask for a hair wash and ask the stylist to blow-dry your mane. In that way you will get a clear-cut idea on his expertise and taste. In case he just fairs okay, you have nothing to worry about as you have gone for the minimal treatment and saved the moolahs. 
  • If you are really looking to save a few bucks, just skip the tip! Although it’s a part of your decent etiquette to tip your hairdresser, a prior booking with the salon owner might save you from ransacking your purse for that extra tip. Also, avoid over tipping. You might get blown away by your latest style and their cool service, but that shouldn’t tempt your to go lavish on your tips.
  • Does your hairstylist always manage to woo you to buy conditioners, serums, mousse and other hairstyling products that come with big price tags? The cue is to pamper your mane prior to your salon visit. In that way, you hairdresser will have little to complain about your mane and you can go home happily, without being saddled with strained budget.
  • While it feels good to get expert streaks once in a while, a full-bodied hair color isn’t a bad idea if you are planning to cut down on your costs. Hair coloring can be easily done at home just by following the packet instructions. This would indeed save you from pinching pennies to revamp your color every once in a while.
  • Don’t forget to register yourself with your favorite salon. This will keep you updated on all the promotional offers, discounts and other special deals offered by the salon. Also digging the newspapers, junk mailers and other beauty salon websites for salon coupons will do wonder for your budget. Coupons offers discount on otherwise pricey hair deals. Grabbing one would get you romping like a diva without blowing away a fortune.

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