Pedicure has become a part of parcel of any woman who wants to get noticed. Find a pedicure kit made at home here.

Making Your Own Salon Style Pedicure Kits

Stars are stars even when they make news. Whether the stars are on “Showbiz Tonight” aka making news for wrong or right reason, one alphabet is very common in most of them that is “A” for addiction. Whether it is Winona Ryder, who created buzz for her addiction to shoplifting, Britney Spears because of her addiction to drugs, or Kim Kardashian who has a weird sort of addiction to pedicures. The word addiction and celebrities travel on the same boat. And if you want to feel like star and yet not swing on the wrong side the best addiction for you would be “pedicure”. Pedicure is a natural way of improving the health and appearance of your feet. Something very much similar to a manicure, a pedicure is meant for the toenails. Taking into account the oodles of money they make, actors have no problem showing off their immaculately pedicured feet. More than a luxury, it helps prevents nail fungi, diseases and disorders. Your feet must be yearning for a pedicure and the economic recession thwart the idea of going for a chiropody session. Nevertheless, you can have your pedicure done at your home itself without paying much for it. Given here are the tips of getting a perfect pedicure kit.
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How To Make Your Own Pedicure Kits 

Nail Clippers
You need to purchase two different types of nail clippers, one for toenails and other for fingernails, as toenails are tougher to clip. You would get nail clipper especially made for the toenails in any departmental store or salon. 

Nail Scissors
The next important thing that you should have in your nail kit is a pair of nail scissors. They can be used to cut your nail into proper shape before you file your nail. They are more helpful than nail clippers. 

Orange Stick
An orange stick is used to gently push back the cuticles after the leg has been soaked. Be sure to wrap cotton on to the stick before you attempt it on cuticles as it can harm the cuticles if not used with care. Make sure that you buy the orange stick which is branded and would not harm your cuticles. 

Cuticle Clipper
Another important instrument is a cuticle clipper, which can be used to get rid of the hangnails or rugged cuticle. Start it slowly and be sure not to cut off the cuticles too much. 

Nail File
There are two types of nail files available, one with only file and another with both a file on one side and a buffer on the other. It is better to get the two-sided one as you can use either of the sides when necessary. 

Nail Brush
Use a nailbrush to remove the dirt and debris in and around the nail part. While choosing the brush go for brushes having boar or plastic bristles that are stiff enough to take away the dirt. 

Soak Bowl
Find a soak bowl in which you can keep your feet soaked for some time. By soaking the feet, you can make the cuticles softer and easier to work on. 

Nail Polish Remover
Try picking up an acetone free nail polish remover as acetone can harm the nails and the cuticles. Nail polish remover with vitamin E would make your nails and cuticles stronger. You can also go for a salon nail polish remover that is known to clean the nails better and easier. 

Cotton Balls
You will need cotton balls for everything from cleaning the nail polish to wrapping around the orange stick. 

Cuticle Oil And Pedicure Cream
You can get yourself a cuticle cream that can be applied on your cuticles by gently massaging it on to your cuticles. You can even use a pedicure cream to massage on to your leg. 

Nail Polishes
You can buy a variety of colors as per your choice. Nail polishes can be well kept for at least a year so even if you get some, you will have quite a number in store. Always opt for branded nail polishes. 

Clear Nail Polish/Nail Strengthener
Clear nail varnish is important to give a glossy effect to your toes and to keep the nail polish intact for longer period. It will also give a neat, polished look to your nails. 

Toe Separators
They can be used to separate the toes when you are working on single toe.

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