Conventional pedicures are now passe and getting a fish pedicure has become the latest beauty trend to make waves. Read the article to know how to get a fish pedicure done.

How To Get Fish Pedicure Done

Women just love to indulge and when it comes to pampering themselves, there is no stopping back, even if that means indulging in something as bizarre as fish pedicure. Well, you heard it right! Fish pedicure is the latest in-thing in beauty-town. Soothing, exotic and blissful, fish pedicure is one perfect way to pamper your tootsies. What better feeling than to plunge your pads in a tank full of fishes and let the little aquatic critters chomp the dead flakes away. Garra Rufa, or Doctor Fish as it is popularly known, is a hot property from the pools of Turkish spa, which is used to chomp away the dead skin from feet, leaving them soft and supple. Moreover, the good news is that these tiny creatures are gentle on your skin and toothless too!
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Needless to say, the idea of having a school of tiny fish feeding off your body is not for skeptics and the fainthearted. Not everyone may relish the very idea of hundreds of tiny fishes nibbling at their feet, but once into it, it will prove nothing short of a heavenly beauty getaway. The very feeling of these tiny fishes gently tickling your skin is enough to get you gliding into a relaxing spell. However, remember to get such a pedicure done in a hygienic environment and under expert care. A fish pedicure can cost you anywhere between Rs.450 and Rs. 800. Well, this is not a bad deal at all, taking into account its high pampering quotient and beauty benefits! It is absolutely hygienic and promises to be a whole new experience for beauty lovers. Take a dig into it and let the feeling stay on for long. Read on to know how to get fish pedicure done.
Getting A Fish Pedicure
  • The first step is to find out a spa or salon that offers fish pedicure. With the trend catching on, many small-time establishments are now offering this treatment at throwaway prices. However, do make sure to check out the hygienic standard of the place before dumping your tootsies in.
  • Once you are in the spa, the attendants will help you with the process. Sink your feet into a tank of warm water filled with carp fish or the doctor fish. These fish will work through your feet, munching away the dead tissues and leaving your skin soft.
  • The advantage of this kind of pedicure is that you don’t have to face the sharp feel of razor against your callus. Today use of razor is questioned as a hygienic option. However, with fish at work, you will hardly ever feel any discomfort. Also, they are perfectly hygienic.
  • The gentle nibbling of the fish’s mouth is likely to create a relaxing, tingling sensation on your feet, which is both soothing and comforting. Once the fish are done with the nibbling, you will be treated to conventional pedicure.
  • Remove your feet from the tub and get them wiped with a dry towel. The attendant will use buffer and nail clipper to get rid of the cuticles and shape your nails.
  • A foot massage and a coat of your favorite nail polish will be followed and then, you are good to go!

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