Brown eyes can be head turners, if the makeup application is done in the right way. Here are some exciting tips on how to apply makeup for brown eyes.

How To Apply Makeup For Brown Eyes

A stunning eye makeup can transform a dull, drab plain Jane into an overnight diva! Getting the hues right can make all the difference on how you glam yourself up. Brown eyes, with their warm earthen appeal, can create wonders if done the right way. They can carry off almost any eye makeup with ease and élan. From dramatic smoky eyes, to glamorous metallic ones, brown eyes are almost game for almost all kind of eye makeup. However, the problem often lies in getting the makeup right. The brown-eyed beauties are lucky, to say the least, since they have a wide plethora of colors at their disposal. Green, bronze, gold, brown, and blue - almost all colors seem to complement them. With so many eye make-ups to choose from, sometimes it is hard to know where to begin! If you have brown eyes, the options are too wide and too many for you. Here are some great cues on how to apply makeup for brown eyes. Pick your hint and work wonders with your peepers.
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Eye Makeup Application Tips For Brown Eyes
  • For the right eye makeup, you definitely need the right hues. Metallic colors like gold, bronze, and rust are just right to add enough oomph to your brown peepers. For others, who are willing to play with colors, shades of pink and purple and even colors like nutmeg and vanilla can be a great option. However, stay away from using shades of green, aqua and even gray, to avoid makeup bloopers.
  • A stunning shade can transform your peepers into a spectacular show. The trick is to keep it from fading away or creasing. Applying eye shadow primer will ensure that your color stays in place. Apply a light coat of primer from your lash line to your brow bone. Dab it up with light sheer powder. Use a small fine eye shadow brush to apply the eye color. You can opt for both cream and powder shades. Use the cream base color first and then dab it up with powdered color, for heightened effect.
  • Fuller lashes accentuate your eyes and make them look all the more profound and seductive. Masquerade brown eyes with black mascara. One can also opt for blue mascara for a more dramatic appeal.
  • Hold the mascara wand closer to the roots and wiggle it as you pull up the wand through the lashes. Close your eyes and pull a final stroke through the top base of the lashes. Use a tissue to clean the clumps, if any.
  • Eyeliner is what speaks for the eyes, when everything else remains silent. Choosing the right eyeliner shade is as much important as knowing how to apply it right. You can highlight brown eyes with colors like gray, plum, slate blue and even the very basic black. You can also opt for warmer shades like golden browns, deep red plums, bronze or cool shades like deep navy blue, cool dark browns and dark metal grays. However, lighter hues like pink and mauve are an absolute no-no.
  • Hold your eyeliner as close to the lash line as possible and draw a line from side to side. You can use a Q-tip to smudge the line. Avoid drawing bold lines during the day.

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