‘Freedom’ was the key word in so far as the hairstyles of the 1970’s were concerned, which also gave a lot of creative liberty to the hairstylists. Read on to find the famous haircuts of 1970s.

1970s Hairstyles

In the 1970s, hairstyles were more about freedom and being natural. The hippies’ style rocked the fashion scene around this time only, including the hairdos as well. Pompous hairstyles were out, paving the way for natural-looking haircuts that gave more freedom of expression of self, to both men and women. The seventies hairstyle were very cool and time saving as compared to the bouffant and poodle styles of the 50’s. Women, in particular, were crazy about long and smooth hair and used regular clothing iron to straighten their hair. Many of the hairstyles that were popular during that time enjoyed a creative edge as well, which also resulted in the introduction of bold hairstyles, some of which are popular even today. The article brings you some of the most popular haircuts of the 1970’s. Read on to know the hair fashion trends of that time.   
Haircuts Of The 1970s 
  • The Afro hairstyle has been one of the most famous hairdos of the seventies. Afro haircut became a statement against artificial straightening of naturally kinky hair, with the African American community reinforcing their natural hair with this unique style, most suited to African hair texture. Black men and women would grow huge puffs on their head and display their ‘one of its kind’ hairstyle.
  • The disco wedge cut was also one of the most noticeable hairstyles of the 1970’s. While the haircut was definitely bizarre, it did make a very bold and funky statement for those who wore the disco wedge hairdo.
  • Shag is a very classic haircut from the 1970’s, which is still around and appreciated. Layers were given to the hair to make them look messy or shaggy. The hairstyle was fantastically popular during seventies, which also made it rather common. It is still possible to see people wearing the shag cut even today.
  • Mullet was another seventies hairstyle extremely popular among men. Some women were also seen sporting this style during that time. The basic mullet cutting kept the hair short on both the sides and top. The back hair was left longer, touching the shoulders most of the times. Sometimes, the back hair length was also kept a little short.
  • Younger kids and some teens were a seen sporting the pageboy hairstyle in the seventies. This style was created by curling the back of the hair under and up to the neck. The hair was curled in a similar fashion on the sides. This was accompanied by bangs that prevented the curls from going underneath and towards the face. The finishing touch was given by fluffing the bangs up.
  • The feathered haircut was also made popular in the 1970’s, by Ferrah Fawcett. This haircut is still popular among the youngsters. An easy to achieve style, it involves blow drying hair in an up and under motion, so as to give it more volume, body and movement. The softer feathered look was achieved by blow-drying the hair around the face, going up.

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