Emo is one of the wackiest and easy to maintain hairstyles. To know how to get emo/do hair, read the tips provided in this article.

How To Get Emo Hair

Emo haircuts are one of the most popular amongst the defiant youngsters of today. The term “emo” is often used as the short form of ‘emotional’, which forms the basis of these unique and wacky hair styles. Emo hair corresponds to the deeply personal, individual style of the wearer, who wants to give it a personalized look. Emo styles are closely related to the punk hair styles as well as other distinct styles popular among music artists of the 1980s. Currently, emo hair is characterized by uneven layered hair, with long bangs, sometimes highlighted with color, to give the wearer a messy look. So, if you want to know how to do emo hairs, read the tips given below. 
How to Get Emo Hair
  • Emo haircuts are usually asymmetrical in style. Most emo hairstyles have irregular sides, with plenty of uneven layers making slopes and sweeps of hair. In an Emo style, the front hair is longer than the rear, while one side is shorter than the other.
  • You can grow bangs to get Emo hair. Brush them onto one side of your face, such that they cover an eye completely.
  • Though Emo hairstyle does not require much precision, allowing you an opportunity to try your hands at hair cutting, you can definitely go to a hair stylist to get the particular type of Emo you want. You can try Emo Bucket, Emo-Corner and other cool hairstyles.
  • After you have got your hair cut, make sure you know how to style it properly. Without proper styling, the zing of the haircut will be lost.
  • For styling your hair, use a flat iron or hair straightening iron. It will make your hair look sleek. The best way to flatter your asymmetrical, layered cuts is by flattening them.
  • If you want to make spikes, tails or layers and want them to stay for long, use a combination of anti-frizz solution, wax and molding cream. Gel is also a nice option for keeping the hair in style.
  • Emo haircut looks coolest when it’s messy. Though emo hair look tamed and styled, the basic appearance tends to look unruly.
  • Coloring or dying is another option to spruce up your emo hair. Apply layering colors in chunks or streaks, to create an emo look. Rich, dramatic shades look good on emo. However, hair can be kept deep brown, black or auburn, with or without brightly colored streaks of fancy colors, like purple, blue or hot pink.

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