Tap dance is an exciting dance form which has its own particular dresses and costumes. Learn more about tap dance apparel.

Tap Dance Dresses

Tap dance is an interesting dance form, which requires a lot of practice and style to learn. The unique feature of the dance style is that it requires the dancer to wear special types of shoes, which are aided with metal taps, to emit a distinct sound while the dancer is performing. Tap dance requires a lot of energy, which is to be manipulated to produce the right kind of sound. In this form of dance, the legs of the dancer are of vital importance. Due to the sound produced, when the feet of the dancer hit the floor, it is known as tap dance. Read on to know more about tap dance costumes and apparel.
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Tap Dance Costumes
One of the most important things to remember while getting a costume stitched for tap dance is that it should provide ample freedom of movement to the dancer. For being comfortable, beginners usually choose only one single costume. The costume can be spruced up with accessories to give it a different look. A basic leotard can be accessorized with hats, sequined armbands and fringed skirts for a fancy appearance. You can even go for themed costumes depending upon the subject you have chosen. For instance, wear bell - bottoms for a flashback to 60s and flapper dresses for portraying the Jazz era.
Tap Dance Shoes
Shoes play an important role in tap dance. They are available in different styles and help in producing the right kind of movement. While buying shoes for tap dance, one should keep in mind that they should not have rubber soles as they get stuck to the floor. Usually flat shoes are worn for tap dance rather than heeled ones, which should fit well and should not be loose. There are two kinds of soles available in the shoes, full or spilt. The latter provides more flexibility as compared to the former ones.
Tap dance shoes are available in black, beige, silver and white colors that can be well coordinated with any costume. Shiny patent leather shoes look flashy and immature whereas high heels look classy. Heels should be worn when one has attained a level of dexterity in the dance. Flat shoes are ideal for beginners, which can be worn with any costume including pants. Make sure the screws attached to the soles of your shoes are well placed in order to produce the right kind of sound.

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