The trend of having plus size clothing and apparel for women is catching up in India. Check out super extra size sexy female dresses trend in India.

Plus Size Clothing In India

Till sometime back in India, women with a heavy body had no place to go and shop at. They had to make do with the local tailors for getting everything made, right from trousers to skirts to nightwear. The result was that they were at the mercy of the tailors and had to tolerate their tantrums and forever delayed deadlines, not to mention the numerous trips that were made to the tailoring shop. On top of that, if the fitting went wrong in the first go, they had to undergo the same procedure once again. Despite the nation being known for women with curves and plump figures, they were largely dependent upon these small-time tailors to get their clothing fitted to their satisfaction.
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However, all this has now become a thing of the past. With the setting up of the plus-size women clothing stores in India, tailors and tailoring shops have been bid a good bye, except in case of ethnic Indian wear. Rather, organizing fashion shows for plus size clothing has become a trend, where curvier women are often termed as plus-size models. Designers can be seen showcasing their garments on sizes 10, 12 and even 14, to include plus size apparels as well. Brands are gradually coming up in the market to cater the needs of plus sized women, with the range being offered comprising of both casuals and formals, in vibrant and pastel shades. Numerous outlets have opened up for providing the perfect custom-made dresses to the plus size women in India.
Choosing Plus Size Clothing
  • For that perfect curvaceous figure and oomph factor, it is very important that you pick up a dress in one tone, right from head to toe. Especially colors like black, dark navy, dark red, aubergine, and other dark shades provide an illusion of a slimmer figure, compared to dresses in contrasting colors.
  • Always choose clothes of the right size rather than oversized attires, as they give you a messy appearance. Saggy, baggy clothes are a complete ‘no’, while tight body-hugging outfits wrinkle and push up when you move around. Body-fit fabrics are better off for intimate wear.
  • Stay out of stretchy fabrics absolutely. They tend to stick to your body at the wrong places and give you a cluttered look. Moreover, silk, rayon, jersey fabrics and Lycra in outer clothes shouldn’t have any space in your wardrobe.
  • Wearing stripes in the right manner can contribute to your leaner look. If it’s a plus size dress that you are planning to wear, choose vertical stripes. However, if you desire to don a big bottomed pant, horizontal stripes should be your pick.
  • Women with heavy buttocks can opt for flared skirts that’ll keep off the thighs and exude a sexy S-shape to the back. For a more balanced look and feminine appeal, jackets that flare at the butt will be highly useful, though jackets that end at the butt or high-waist pants should be avoided, as they’ll further worsen your booty.
  • Hemmed shirttail and ruched tops work largely by covering the heavy tummy and creating a curvaceous effect from the front. Also, low-waist skirts and flat fronted side zipping pants hide the stomach without revealing the bulging fat.
  • Heavy arms are, at most of the times, difficult to hide. Hence, choosing plus size clothing for such women is often a tough task. Nevertheless, this can be concealed by picking dresses with floating cuffs and fluted sleeves.
  • To divert the attention from the width of the body, one can go for empire waistlines and low necks. Also, long jewelry chains and necklaces provide the same effect by lengthening the appearance of the neck.
  • All that unwanted flab can be hidden with a long length coat, which offers a leaner look compared to chunky sweaters.



With more and more women opting for plus size clothing to reveal their extra-large figures, the market has, finally, started offering a good collection of Indian and western wear. Make your own style statement and get noticed!

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