Check out the top five wardrobe essentials for women and girls and know what the must-haves of your wardrobe are.

Wardrobe Essentials For Women

You have this big date coming up and you cannot possibly compromise on anything going wrong this time. So, an evening before the big day, you open up your walk-in wardrobe and what do you find? Cute skirts, matching shirts, formal trousers, tank tops, sneakers, stilettos, et al! You find yourself breaking into a cold sweat as there is nothing that you could possibly wear on a date. No wonder, your previous dates didn’t work out well!
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Suddenly realization dawns upon you and you find out that not having the proper clothes to wear on a date or even a playful day outside. What you do have is either baby-cute or too formal. Worry not; we come to save your face at the right moment and save you from further embarrassment. Follow these commandments of top five wardrobe essentials for girls and women and you will never ever go wrong in any occasion!
It’s all in your JEANS
Sounds like a cliché? It better, clichés are true! You must have a pair of nice fitting jeans. By this, I don’t really mean you should have those skinny jeans that make you look like a stick insect! Instead of investing in a pair of jeans that won’t possibly climb up, buy a pair that fits you well and flaunts your best features. This needs effort and you need to climb up and down some stores before you find the “one”. But trust me; the effort is paid off when you do find the right one.
Black Dress
By a black dress, I don’t necessarily mean a little one that you can wear for a high-profile cocktail party. Of course, if you have the figure and the money, go for it. Else, buy a well-fitting black gown or a mid-length black skirt that can teamed with a black turtle neck shirt, without sleeves. Make sure you have matching black stilettos or a nice pair of black kitten heels to go with it.
Blazer or Jacket or Coat
Get a nice colored, long or short blazer or jacket that can be worn over a dull shirt or can even be used to attract attention to your face rather than those old jeans. Move away from black and experiment with colors like copper, rust, browns, blues and different materials instead of just leather. Go in for tweed jackets or light woolen blazers. You can also buy a coat that has a small design at the back or has crystals on the collar hem. Most of them come with belts of the same material and color that add to the elegance of the blazer.
Decent Tee Shirts
You may have some of the most stylish shirts in your closet, but sometimes decent and simple tee-shirts do the trick. Make sure you have at least three good tee shirts in different colors that can be teamed with jeans as well as trousers or skirts. A soothing pink or blue with a V-neck and a nice cut can be worn with jeans, or a skirt or even trousers to work, on a casual Saturday!
Shoes and Accessories
These could have been listed separately too, but then not everyone has a fetish for them. You must have three pairs of decent footwear in your wardrobe. One could be a pair of high-heels, another could be chic flats while the third one could be a nice strap on. Go in for colors like dark brown, fawn or even metallic shades. Categorize a separate section for accessories like scarves, stoles, belts and jewelry like beads, earrings, etc. Don’t forget to have a good collection of totes and purses to go with your lovely dresses!

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