Do you often keep rummaging the entire closet in order to search for the right piece of clothing? Read on this article as we have provided wardrobe basics for both men and women.

Wardrobe Basics

Isn’t it ironical that even when we have our closet full of clothes, there are times when we realize that we do not have even one suitable piece of clothing that suits the occasion? Piling up your closet with clothes is just not enough. It is essential to have the right pieces in the right style, in order to build a perfect wardrobe. Take a look at your wardrobe and ask yourself whether you have your wardrobe basics right? For those men who are wondering what else can their wardrobe include except for shirts, trousers, denims, suits and shoes, know that it is all about choosing the right piece. As for women, please understand that it is not about picking many, but picking right. This article entails few wardrobe basics for both men and women. 
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Wardrobe Basics For Men
A basic white and blue cotton button-down shirt is a must-have. You should also have French cuff shirts and spread collars to add a touch of sophistication meant for more formal occasions. You can team these shirts with suits as well as dressy pants.
If you plan to have just one suit in your wardrobe, let it be purposeful enough to be worn in any given occasion. Be it a wedding, a job interview or a funeral; make sure you can wear it, without hesitance. A classic black or a deeper shade of gray would be a perfect choice. It should be a well-tailored and preferably a single-breasted one.
You cannot trot around everywhere in your denims, can you? So, it is essential to have few basic shaded pants in your wardrobe in colors like black, gray and beige. You can also include softer cotton fabrics like khaki. Be it a boardroom or a golf course, you can slip into these pants anytime. Avoid pants with pleats and tapered cut, lest you cannot wear them just because they are out of fashion. An elastic waist is definitely out of question.
A tie rules a man’s image. It exudes power, authority and confidence. Matching the right tie with your attire is essential. Have a decent stock of at least 2-3 pieces of ties and neckties in your closet, which complement your outfit. Go for neutral shade ties that can team up with all combinations.
There would be times when you would be out there with your business colleagues for a casual treat or hang out with your old college friends. What do you plan to wear then, to lend a casual yet suave look? Go for Khaki chinos which are a winner if you wish to dress up for a business casual dress code.
For other casual occasions, you can pick up the ever trusted crisp white shirt. Even t-shirts with few basic shades like white, black and gray can give you a killer-look. Also, get yourself a pair of straight-cut dark or light blue denim. Leave out or tuck in a straight-fit, full sleeves white shirt and couple it with the classic denim - you are set to rock!
Shoes can speak the most about you. Also, did you know that shoes are the mirror of a man’s personality? So, always go for quality footwear made out of genuine leather and it would be worth it. A pair of rounded-toe and leather sole shoes serves all occasions smoothly. Whatever shoes you intend to wear, make sure you give them an occasional polish. 
Wardrobe Basics For Women
Pants and Shirts
If you are a working woman, well-fitted formal trousers and semi-casual pants are essential part of the wardrobe. A crisp, white, straight-fit shirt suits well in a formal setting. You can also go for pin-striped shirts or simple plain shaded ones in colors like baby-pink and blue. They look both smart and feminine. A well-stitched business suit is another prerequisite. Even formal high-waisted skirts are a good option for those craving for the ‘out-of-the-crowd’ look.
Shop for basic denim shades like black, blue and, gray. Also, capris, cargos and denim shorts are few other wardrobe basics, if you wish to look cool and casual. Round, V-neck or collared t-shirts in feminine colors or neutral shades is a must-have. For more adventurous ones, strapless, tube-tops, halter necks lend a funky touch to your overall look.
Be it a prom, a business event or a wedding, gowns serve all purpose. And it must occupy at least one shelf of a woman’s wardrobe. Go for various fabrics, necklines and patterns and rest assured, your attire would be a hit. 
An entire summer gone and you didn’t wear the classy little black dress for the evening rendezvous? Dresses are truly feminine and every woman should have a fair collection of them well-stocked in their wardrobe. Be it a knee-length, tea-length, full-size or short one, a cute well-fitted dress can keep the guys drooling over you and gals eyeing at you with jealousy. You can even consider a wrap dress or sarong to look sexy on your date.
A woman’s wardrobe can have an endless list of accessories, but there are few basics which cannot be missed out for anything. A classy narrow or broad leather waist belt for formal occasions and a fabric belt for casuals is a must. Footwear comprising of a pointed toe dress shoe in stiletto pattern, a semi-casual peep toe with medium heels, knee high boots, pair of sneakers in feminine shade and funky flip flops will suit every activity you plan to indulge in. Besides, for parties, you should own a classy clutch and a purse. A business bag is another necessity. Fashionable sunglasses, hats, chic jewellery and cosmetics and hair accessories are few other basics that you should possess in order to meet the requirements of the wardrobe basics.  

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