Your office attire will not only reflect your professionalism but also your individual personality. Here are some ideas for office wardrobe for women.

Ideas For An Office Wardrobe For Women

Let’s face it, women, why do we often end up saying “I have nothing to wear to office today…” even when the wardrobe is overflowing? Why do we feel the need to shop compulsively and still grow tired of our own clothes, while men would just get up in the morning, take a quick shower, grab the first thing in the closet that is within reach, wear it and leave for work? The answer is simple – we know that presentation is important too. But that does not erase the fact that we women do not choose office wardrobe wisely and end up getting dissatisfied pretty soon. If we could just put some thought into buying office wear, we would have fewer problems and would not also grow tired of them too soon. Here are some ideas for office wear for women that will solve the ‘I-have-nothing-to-wear-to-office’ problems!
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Fashionable Office Wardrobe Ideas For Women
Listed below are some must have that should find space in your wardrobe:
A women’s office wardrobe should consist of three to four pants (not denims!) in neutral colours like black, faun, gray, tan and so on. You could also try for navy blue, though it does not really come under ‘neutral colours’. These colours will usually gel well with most soft as well deep colored (not bright ones) tops that you may have in your wardrobe.
Skirts are often not an easy choice for women in India, who are often at a loss as to what they would be thought of. The safest choice, if you are really keen on a skirt for your wardrobe, are neutral colored knee-length skirts. You could pair them up with white shirts and matching jackets.
White and pastel colors are ideal for shirts. If you have pants in beige and tan colors, you could go for pastel shades of blue and pinks, even lavender for shirts and blouses. If you can find a blouse with a pattern that matches the one on your skirts, you have every right to feel blessed. You could also invest in jackets in complementary colours. They will add to the whole sophisticated look that we all look forward to attaining.
If you can only start with one pair of shoes to go with everything, choose black. For your second pair, choose a color that will go with more of your wardrobe. If you have a good deal of blacks, whites, grays, blues, pinks, and reds, navy shoes would be a good choice. If you tend to have more earth colors, such as beige, brown, tan, yellow, green, and orange, look for tan or dark brown shoes. You may also like a pair of simple yet dressy slippers or sandals to go with your Indian attire, so go for a simple mojari to go with the salwar kameez and a slightly heeled pair for the saris.
Indian Attire
Indian attire, which usually comes under formal wear, is something no Indian woman’s office wardrobe is complete without. Since our motherland herself offers us women excellent choices in terms of dresses, one could write a whole article on it. Nevertheless, it would be best if you keep the easiest Indian dresses for office wear – be it Calcutta cotton saris, saris with Lakhnawi Chikan work on them, easy to maintain saris made of synthetic materials or salwar kameez in neutral colours, made preferably of cotton, taken with or without the dupatta. You could also, of course, pair up cotton kurtas with pants or denims if you want to strike a balance between the formal and the casual. Make sure you wear dresses that are neither too tight, uncomfortable or dressy nor too showy. Your attire should never interfere with your work. If you find that, you are spending more time perfecting the pleats of your georgette sari rather than working, then it's time to set it aside for something else.
Like attire, accessories too should not interfere with the work. So, do not wear bangles if you find it hard to use the computer with them on. Accessories that go well with office attire are best kept minimal – for instance, a scarf to go with a pant and shirt combination, a simple gold chain work with sari, or small earrings with other dresses that neither catch too much attention nor look out of place.

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