It is perhaps the most neglected section of a woman’s vanity case. Here are some tips to make the Eyeshadow section work for you.

Eyeshadow Ideas

Women in India are obsessed with looking good for the day, not just for an event of importance. They like to hide the flaws of their skin, even if they cannot do so like a professional. They ask their husbands to get them imported makeup kits and try to make use of each of the cosmetics arranged in front of them, irrespective of whether they know its use or not. There is, however, one product of this lot that remains unused for most of the time – the eyeshadow section. Like the neglected sections of the Indian society that find it hard to keep the faith of someday coming into mainstream, the eyeshadow section of a woman’s vanity case is always turned a blind eye to by women who do not have the time to learn its technique. But to be truthful, learning to wear eye shadow needs practice and thus most women shy away from it. Also, they do not know which eye shadow will suit them best and which eye shadow would look best with their skin tone and eyes. Many of them are also not aware of the latest trends in eye makeup. Thus, we have come to your rescue. Here are some tips and trends on eye shadows that you could use.
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Eye Shadow Makeup Ideas 
  • To begin with, you should take into account your hair color and not only your eye color. Matching your shadow to your hair color can really make your eyes come out. Matching means finding a colour that complements both your eye and hair colour; for example if you have chestnut hair, pair it up with a nice green shade.
  • Typical Indian eyes, most of which are large, would be beautifully accentuated with brown and charcoal shadows for evenings when you have a party to attend.
  • Natural skin tone colors are something no one can ever go wrong with, irrespective of their skin, hair, or eye colour. Browns, peaches and ivory shadows would fall in this category. You could begin by brushing on a colour very similar to your natural skin colour all over the eye lid to form a base. Then cover the crease of your eyes with a slightly deeper or darker shade. A slightly lighter tone can be used as you begin to reach the brow line. Follow it up with a soft brown eyeliner and mascara.
  • When you start off your day, which is in the morning, you would want to stick to the basic and simple tones of ivory and peach, if at all. In fact, use eye make up in the morning only if your eyes colour or skin colour is too pale or you may look sleepy and you want to look alert.
  • Evenings are the best time to experiment with eye shadows. For instances, green eyed girls can have fun with a contrasting purple shade. This fun is compounded when it is paired with the right clothes and accessories.  Brown and Hazel eyes are safe with greens and to some extent golds.
  • Large eyes, which most men look for and women in India wish for, would require three shades of the same colour – a dark one to fill the shadows, a medium one to give the mid tones and the light one to add highlights. Also, they should choose an eye shadow with golden or earth tones to brighten the eyes. You could pair it with a conventional black or brown mascara to give that extra dramatic look to your eyes. This look would be perfect for a traditional or formal gathering like a wedding.

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