Do you have blue eyes and are wondering which eye shadow will suit you the best? If yes, explore this article for tips on the different shades of eyeshadows that will complement your blue eyes.

Eyeshadow For Blue Eyes

Whether you are applying makeup to get ready to go to office, shopping or getting ready for a big party or night out, no makeup is complete without a subtle touch of makeup of your eyes. The eyes are important features of your face, and applying eye makeup appropriately is important.  All you need to do is to choose the right eyeshadow and liner to beautify and deck up your eyes. It might sound simple to pick up an eyeshadow and apply it over your eyelids, but one needs to be very careful while choosing the colour of eyeshadows to be used. The colours you choose play a crucial role in enhancing or spoiling the beauty of your eyes and face. In fact many women make the mistake of thinking that eyeshadow colours should match the clothes and accessories they intend to wear. However, the eyeshadows chosen should complement your eyes and skin colour and not your clothes. Mentioned below are some eyeshadow tips for blue eyes. Read on to learn more.

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Eyeshadow Tips For Blue Eyes

Pink Eye Shadow
Pink is a smart choice for people with blue eyes. Usually natural blue eyes are accompanied by fair complexion and the colour pink look very subtle on people with fair skin. Choose light or medium shades of pink to deck your blue eyes with, and you will see many heads turning in admiration. Stay away from shades of purple if you have blue eyes.

Brown Eyeshadow
Brown eyeshadows are one of the best colours by which you can enhance your medium to dark blue eyes. Brown is the colour that complements blue quite well, and it will surely amplify your eyes. However, not all shades of brown will look good on blue eyes. It is the shade of brown that you choose that makes all the difference. You can opt for very light shades of brown if you want to magnify your blue eyes. Dark brown eyeshadows should be worn only if you have light blue eyes.

Grey Eyeshadow
Light shades of grey can be worn by a person having light or medium blue eyes. Grey will enhance and amplify the beauty of your light blue eyes. Make sure to wear a subtle shade of grey in order to acquire the best appearance out of the eyeshadow.

Green Eyeshadow
Green eyeshadows go well if you have aqua or turquoise blue eyes. Go for a lighter shade of green which will make you look good by complementing your light blue eyes. 

Orange Eyeshadow
Sounds strange, but orange based eyeshadows are one of the best choices for a person with blue eyes. Shades of orange provide a pleasant contrast to blue eyes and highlight them thereby amplifying the blue eyes. You can choose anything from coral, peach, rust, copper or any other such shades of orange that will not make you look like a clown as bright orange shades might otherwise make you look.

Eyeshadow Colour Tips
  • Consider your skin and eye colour when opting for an eyeshadow. Do not opt for a shade very similar to your eye colour.
  • There is no harm in experimenting. Experiment with different shades and colours of eyeshadows till the time you get the perfect match to go along with your eye colour and skin tone.
  • One should bear in mind that dark shades of eyeshadows will minimize the essence of your eyes, while lighter shades will make your eyes stand out.
  • Go for neutral colours if you have fair skin. Colours like bronze and brown will suit anyone with a fair complexion. Avoid using colours that are too dark or too light; instead choose medium shades of a colour.

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