The makeup tips for blue eyes, provided in this article, will tell you everything ranging from the best makeup colors to the way of application.

Makeup Tips For Blue Eyes

Eyes are often acknowledged as the ‘mirror of the soul’ of a person. They hardly express anything other than the true feelings of an individual. Obviously, whenever you meet a person, the first thing that he looks at is your eyes. Though guys cannot do much about their eyes, the same does not hold true for girls. They can experiment with makeup to give their eyes a soft, smoky, bold and many other looks. However, while selecting eye makeup, you should keep in consideration the color of your eyes. The eye-shadow that looks good on black eyes many not necessarily suit blue eyes. In case you belong to the latter category, make use of eye makeup tips provided below.
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Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes
Color Tips
One of the basic things that you need to keep on mind while choosing an eye shadow is the color of your eyes. If both of them don’t gel together, your eyes will definitely stand out (I mean sarcastically). In case of blue eyes, colors like icy pinks, silver, gold and violet, in different shades, work the best. Even taupe, gray, lavender, turquoise and fuchsia are also pretty good. In case you also have a hint of green in your eyes, mint green is a great choice. Black, mixed with another color, will look great at night.
Application Tips
Items Needed
  • Base Coat Eye-shadow Cream (usually white)
  • Three shades of Powdered Eye-shadow
  • Eye-shadow Brush
  • Pencil Eyeliner (Smoky Gray, Khaki Gray or Taupe)
  • Pencil Sponge
  • Mascara 
  • First of all, you need to cover your eyelids with a white cream base coat eye-shadow. For the purpose, make use of your fingertip and not a brush.
  • Pick any color in a powdered eye-shadow, with three different shades i.e. dark, medium and light.
  • Take the dark shade of eye-shadow and brush it into the crease of the eyelid. The eye-shadow should spread to the skin above and below the crease.
  • Now, use the medium shade of eye-shadow and dab it on the center of the eyelid.
  • With the help of the eye-shadow brush, extend the color across the entire lid, making sure to blend it at the point it meets the dark shade.
  • Finally, use the light shade of eye-shadow and apply it under your brow.
  • With the help of the brush, extend it downward, so as to blend it with the other two shadows.
  • Take a soft eye pencil and draw a line above the upper eyelashes and below the lower ones.
  • With the help of a pencil sponge, rub over the line very gently. This will smudge the liner a bit and give your eyes a soft look.
  • Finally, apply mascara, of a shade that is consistent with the color of your hair and eyebrows. Usually, medium or dark brown mascara is the best.

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