With the right makeup tips, even honey colored eyes can pop up and stand out, making them look sexy and appealing. Read to know how to apply makeup for honey colored eyes.

How To Apply Makeup For Honey Colored Eyes

One of the most beautiful features of our face is our eyes. While applying makeup for usual black or brown eyes is simple, choosing the right shades for honey eyes can be a bit confusing, as colors chosen should complement the eye color and not the clothes. Remember, the right color choice enhances the look of the eyes, giving them an attractive, beautiful and sexy look, which also stands true for honey-colored eyes. Irrespective of the skin tone, basic and neutral colors blend well with these kind of eyes. Hence, to accentuate the honey-colored eyes, it is important to choose the right eye shadow hues to make them stand out in the crowd. Given here are some tips for applying makeup to honey colored eyes.
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Makeup Tips For Honey Eyes
  • You will require eye shadows in three different shades - bronze, copper and champagne.
  • Begin applying eye shadow to your eyes with the lightest shade, that is, champagne. Apply the color right from the brow bone to the edges of the lashes, covering the area under the arch of the eyebrow, the crease and the eyelid.
  • Use the darkest color, that is, bronze to add depth to your eyes. Apply the shade along the crease of your eye. In case the shade isn’t visible, apply it above the crease as well to highlight.
  • Using the middle shade, that is, copper, fill in the eyelid. Apply the shade over the entire eyelid, covering each corner and ending at the eyelash line.
  • Blend all the three colors, using a blending brush. Start blending at the brow and end towards the lash.
  • Apply eyeliner in sage green or brown color to your upper eyelid, starting from the corner and ending at the lash line.
  • While lining the lower eyelid, begin at the inner corner and continue till ¾ ways under the eyes, along the lash line. Do not cover the entire lower lid.
  • Finally, complete your eye makeup by applying two coats of black mascara.
  • Apply neutral shades on your lips and cheeks.
Additional Tips
  • While blending the eye shadows, make sure that the lines between each eye shadow are not visible.
  • Apart from the shades mentioned for eye shadow, you can even play with other colors, such as navy, charcoal, grey, silver, beige, khaki green, tangerine, royal blue, hot pink and lime-green.
  • For a natural look, use light shades. In case you want to add dramatic effect to your eyes, you can go for darker shades.
  • Natural colors for eye shadows include brown, peach, light pink, taupe and champagne.
  • You can even try out dark grey or brown mascara.

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