Brown eyes come in different shades, ranging from dark brown to a very light tone of brown. Explore the article to find some fabulous eye makeup tips for brown eyes.

Makeup Tips For Brown Eyes

Your eyes reveal your inner self, which is precisely the reason why they are often considered to be so expressive. It is common to come across people with not only different eye colors, but also different shades in the same color. For instance, maximum shades are noticed in people with brown eyes. On one hand, brown eyes can have a very dark shade, like that of a chocolate. On the other, the lightest shade of brown eyes is hazel. Makeup shades for brown eyes is to be chosen according to their color tone. Read the article to find some fabulous makeup tips for brown eyes, to make them look all the more beautiful and expressive.
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Eye Makeup For Brown Eyes 
  • Choosing the right eye shadow is important for eye makeup. Dark brown eyes that are very close to black in color will look good in darker colors, contrasted with highlights. Color options are many for medium brown eyes and even a smudgy line of eyeliner makes such eyes look beautiful. Light brown eyes should not go for over dramatic makeup. Pale yellow color will look good on eyes in this shade.
  • It is important to note the dark colors minimize the facial features, while light colors make the features appear larger. Muted and bright colors can be combined for brown eyes. For chocolate brown eyes, contrast can be created by black mascara and pink eye shadow.
  • Different shades of eyeliner can be used on brown eyes. Colored eyeliners compliment brown eyes really well. Pencil eyeliners are favorable as they can be smudged, blended and gradated. However, both liquid and pencil eye liners can be used to create more depth and a longer-lasting look. Plum eyeliner and mauve eye shadow will look beautiful on dark brown eyes.
  • Metallic colors can also be considered for brown eyes. For everyday use, gold, copper and shimmery pink may appear bold. Gold color brings out the warmth in brown eyes. If the eye color is hazel, shimmery bronze or green can impart an altogether different shade to the eye. A silvery charcoal eye pencil is apt for a more glamorous look.
  • For a more classic makeup, colors similar to brown eyes are the best option. Earthy shades such as taupe, brown, and peach are to be used for a more subtle look. Day-time professional look is best achieved using these colors. Earthy shades are not too dramatic or bold for brown eyes and also look flattering.
  • Smoky look for brown eyes also confirms to the fashion trends. Mostly, smoky look is achieved by using shades of grey, but navy or dark plum can be used on brown eyes, which will be able to pull these colors off. A thick layer of a dark eyeliner, which is smudged slightly, is used for imparting a smoky look to brown colored eyes

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