Perfect lips are a valued asset and work wonders to enhance your appearance. Explore the article to find some valuable tips on how to get perfect lips.

How To Get Perfect Lips

Beautiful lips are often compared to rose petals, and rightly so. Perfect lips are an asset and with regular care, you can get those ideal lips you have been yearning for. A perfect pair of lips makes your smile look brighter and your face even more beautiful. Extra care is required for your lips as they are more sensitive than the rest of your face. The article brings you some valuable tips on how to get perfect and supremely attractive lips. Read on to know how to enhance the beauty of your lips and bag some extra compliments.
Tips For Perfect Lips
To make your lips look beautiful, it is important to exfoliate them on a regular basis, just as you do with the rest of your body. Since lips have an extremely sensitive skin, you can’t use your facial scrub to exfoliate dead cells from your lips. Rub a soft, dry brush on your lips, once in a week. Lips treatments containing salicylic acid can also be used to peel off dead skin from your lips without causing them any damage.
Moisturizing your lips is important to maintain their soft look and beauty. Apply lip balm on your lips before the application of lipstick and then, blot away excess lipstick. It is better to avoid flavored lip balms, as they may tempt you to lick your lips which can cause chapping. If your lips are cracked or bleeding, treat them with a very small amount of hydrocortisone cream mixed with an over-the-counter antibacterial ointment such as Polysporin.
Shape Your Lips
You can create an illusion of dimension, if your lips are thin. Dabbing a dot of gloss on the central area of your lower lip will do the trick for thin lips. Gloss will reflect light and impart your lips a fuller appearance. On the other hand, if you have fuller lips, you can make them appear thin by applying dark shades of lipstick. Nude and matte shades will also help to downsize fuller lips.
Treat The Bleeding Lipstick
To make your lips look perfect, you must stop the bleeding of your lipstick. It is better to choose a long-wearing lipstick which doesn’t bleed and spoil the area around your lips. You can also apply a small amount of foundation on your lips, followed by the lipstick. Then, dab some talcum powder on the lip area, which will keep the lipstick in place for long and not allow it to bleed. However, creating a base for glosses or sheer lipstick will distort their color.
Eat A Healthy Diet

To get those perfect lips, it is essential to keep them in good health, naturally. Drink plenty of water, eat fresh fruits and vegetables to keep your lips supple and soft, and maintain their natural luster. A healthy, nutritious diet will prove to be a boon in the long run as it can effectively delay your botox sessions. Take care to include almonds and other nuts in your diet.

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