Short haircuts look especially grand and stylish on curly hairs. Go through this article and know all about the best short hairstyles that would suit those with curly hair.

Short Haircuts For Curly Hair

Gone are the days when straight hair used to steal the show. Today, no matter what type of hair you have, it is the best style that always wins attention and appreciation. In this context, short curly hairstyles are in vogue, as they are both stylish and easy to maintain. They especially look elegant on those who have graceful, natural curls. However, before going for this short haircuts, make sure that they go well with your face and personality. Do not be tempted only because the cuts look great on your favorite icons. Every face has its own feature and hence not all the haircut will look good on every face. So, before going for a short haircut, discuss the same with your stylist and choose the most appropriate cut for yourself. We bring you some short hairstyles for curly hair below and also some helpful tips to maintain the cut.
Short Hairstyles For Curly Hair
Shags & Bobs
Shags and bobs are counted amongst the most popular short curly haircuts. These hairstyles have simple cuts and layers, which give an accenting look to the hair. They are short, yet long enough not to stand up. The women who find it difficult to brush and maintain their hair every time can go with these hairstyles.
Very Short Style
If you want to cut your hair to the minimal length, go for the very short curly hairstyle. In this hairstyle, the curls stand on their own and resemble the afro-style of the seventies. You can try the layered cut for short curly hairs. This cut looks equally grand and awesome in short curly hair as in the long hair.
In case, you have a wider brow, you can go for fringes, with strands of hair falling artfully across the face. Use rollers to keep the curls for a longer duration of time. However, if you have the natural curl hairs, you will not even need rollers! You just have to maintain the hair, so that it bears the hairstyle for a long time.
Other Short Haircuts
You can go for those short haircuts that leave your face exposed and make a bulky volume of hair at the back. In this case, the hair moves slightly outward from the ears and curves around the top.
  • You should not wash the curly hair too often, as continuous washing will break the sulfite bonds that serve as the prime factor in the curling of hair. However, you can go for the mild shampoo or the natural shampoo, in case you are stubborn about washing them every day. Take care that you apply conditioner after every wash.
  • Always comb your short curly hair with a wide-toothed comb, as it will prevent the shedding of hair. Avoid the hair dryers as much as possible. You can make your hair settle down and groom it properly, by using the proper hair fixates, hair pompades and surface silkeners. Make it shine by applying hair gel or hair spray.

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