You can make your eyes look stunningly beautiful by using tint on your lashes. Check out eyelash tinting instructions.

How To Do Eyelash Tinting

Eyelash tinting is a process of dying the eyelashes to make them look darker. Eyelash colors are chosen depending on the skin type and hair color, and may include shades such as black, blue, tones of brown or grey.  The color of eyelashes should match well with the skin complexion. People who have a dearth of time and can't apply make-up daily or those who are sensitive to make-up products can go for tinted eyelashes. For those who wear contact lenses, tinting the eyelashes is the best form of make-up. Vegetable dye is used as tint in this quick procedure to impart color to the lashes. Read on to find some valuable tips on how to do eyelash tinting.
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Eyelash Tinting Instructions
  • Eyelash tint
  • Eyelash tint developer
  • Tissues
  • Cotton cleansing pads
  • Witch hazel 
  • The first step before you begin tinting your eyelashes is to decide which color is suitable to accomplish the kind of look that you desire. In case, you want to go for dark eyelashes, you should know for sure which shade to use, so that you don't go wrong with the chosen look.
  • Get a mixing bowl and squeeze the recommended amount of eyelash tint you will require. Add a proper amount of developer to the tint. Using a cotton swab, mix the tint well with the developer.
  • The right application of tint will require you to begin with the top lashes. Adjust a small piece of tissue below the lower lashes before you apply tint to the bottom layer of the lashes, so that wet lashes don’t touch your skin. This will help you to avoid coloring the skin around your eyes which most often happens while the eyelashes are being tinted.
  • After tint application is complete, leave your lashes for 5 to 15 minutes to dry, or as instructed by the tint user's guide. Don’t move your lashes when you are letting the color dry.
  • Add a dash of Witch Hazel on a cotton cleansing pad and remove the tint from your lashes after the recommended time is over. You will have to take off the tint with a lot of caution making sure that it doesn’t enter your eyes. 
  • You should use a lighter shade at first, mostly brown, and then judge accordingly whether you want to make it darker or not. It is possible to darken a light shade, but you can't make a dark shade go light after application.
  • The area around your eyes is the most sensitive. Therefore, you need to follow the procedure very carefully and cautiously, so as to avoid any damage to the eyes.
  • Make sure that you use branded stuff for tinting. These are strong products which can burn your eyes. So, go for quality products.
  • You are at liberty to use the tint at your eyebrows as well.

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