Fixing dry and cracked cuticles is very important to keep them strong, healthy and free of infections. Want to know how to fix cracked cuticles? Explore the home remedy given here, just for you.

How To Fix Cracked Cuticles

Eponychia, commonly known as cuticles, are the tiny folds of thickened skin that are found at the base of the nails. Taking proper care of these cuticles is very important; else they get infected and become grimy. Cracked cuticles represent a common human malady, which is a direct consequence of neglect, lack of moisture and improper diet. While tending to their daily beauty requirements, most of the people tend to overlook this tiny area in their body and end up with overgrown and torn cuticles. This condition is commonly seen during the winter season and can be very painful. It mainly results from the cold dry air of winters, which causes this section of the skin to dry excessively.
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Cracked cuticles can also occur because of extremely dry skin or from over-washing of the hands and feet. It is important never to chew, trim or forcibly push such damaged cuticles back, as this could further damage them and hamper nail growth. Also, avoid any kind of direct contact with harsh chemicals and remember to moisturize them regularly. It should always be remembered that to feel good, you have to look good and this involves taking care of each and every details of your body, especially this tiny section at the base of your nails. Read on to get some useful tips on how to fix your cracked and chipped cuticles.
Home Remedy For Dry & Cracked Cuticles 
  • The first and foremost tip for treating cracked cuticles is to use lots of moisturizer. Cuticle moisturizers are easily available in local markets and particularly used for treating and taking care of damaged nails. They can be purchased in three different forms - wax, cream and oil based formulas and should be applied several times in a day. All you need to do is rub a small portion of the moisturizer on each of the cuticles and you will surely notice a huge difference within a couple of days.
  • Vitamin E oil can also be used to take care of dried and cracked cuticles. Massage the oil over your cuticles and fingertips, on a daily basis. This will help you smoothen up your cracks and rehydrate your cuticles, thereby keeping them supple and moisturized.
  • Another great product that can be used to moisturize your cuticles is shea butter or shea nut butter. This is a mild yellowish or ivory colored natural fat that is renowned for its cosmetic properties as a moisturizing cream and emulsion. It is mainly produced by crushing and boiling the seeds of shea tree. It not only helps in healing cracked cuticles, but will also protect your cuticles from the side effects of adverse environmental conditions.
  • The beneficial effects of Neem have been known since ancient times. A nail balm made of honey, beeswax, plant butters and organic Neem oil is very beneficial in treating chipped cuticles and is widely available commercially. To use this product, you have to first clean your hands, nails and cuticles thoroughly and then massage them with the balm. While the cuticles are still moistened, make use of a cuticle pusher to push them back.
  • In recent times, the use of cotton night gloves is becoming very popular, for fixing cracked cuticles. Start by cleaning and moisturizing your hands, nails and cuticles and then slip on the cotton gloves. These gloves will prevent your hands from becoming dry throughout the night and will also help heat up the moisturizer, on your hands by trapping your body heat.
  • It is a known fact that when we don’t have a proper and healthy diet, it reflects on our body one way or the other. To prevent your cuticles from becoming damaged and unhealthy, it is crucial for you to have a proper diet, containing large amounts of Vitamin A, B, C, D and E. Besides this, zinc and calcium are also vital for maintaining healthy cuticles. Also, cut down on the food items that are high on alcohol, sugar and saturated fats.

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