Curing dry elbows becomes very important during winters, when the skin becomes rough and deprived of moisture. Go through the article and learn tips on how to cure cracked and dry elbows.

How To Cure Dry Elbows

A common problem faced by people during the cold, dry and less humid months of winter is dryness of skin. Since the air during this season is deprived of humidity, the skin looses its moisture and eventually, becomes dry. The body parts with thicker skin are more susceptible to dryness and roughness. Talking about winter dryness, elbows are amongst the most affected body parts. As you lean on all types of surfaces, the problem of dryness on elbows further escalates. Hence, curing dry elbows becomes vital during the season. This article will give you tips on how to cure dry elbows.
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Curing Cracked & Dry Elbows
Exfoliation & Moisturization
The first step to cure dry elbows will comprise of exfoliating the rough area. Remove the dead cells over the surface of the skin by using an exfoliating body scrub. Opt for a body scrub that has natural particles for removing the dead cells. It is better not to use products that have alcohol, because the alcohol content will make the elbows all the more rough, leading to excess drying out of the skin.
After exfoliation, the elbow area should be re-hydrated i.e. its moisture should be restored. An intensive moisturizer or petroleum jelly would serve the purpose well. Other options include almond oil and olive oil. After applying the chosen rehydrating product (moisturizer/petroleum jelly/oil), cover the elbows with a sheet of plastic, for a short period. This will keep the moisture intact.
For further treatment of the skin, cut the foot off a pair of socks and place it over the elbows overnight. You can also wear a long sleeved top after you have treated your elbows. Remove the socks/ top and rinse your elbows with lukewarm water, the next morning. Repeat the process every time you exfoliate, for better results.
Another Method
You may make use of salted butter or clarified butter for treating your dry elbows. Take one-teaspoon butter and put it in microwave, for about 10 minutes. Now, apply the melted butter on your dry elbows and massage the body part well, for about fifteen minutes. Cover the elbows with plastic wrap and leave them as such, for about one hour. Take off the plastic wrap and wash your elbows with lukewarm water, to remove oiliness due to the butter. Repeat this procedure twice a week, to get rid of dryness in the elbows.
  • Exfoliate and moisturize your skin regularly, for a period of ten days. This would ensure that the lost moisture is restored to the body part.
  • Avoid leaning your elbows on rough surfaces, particularly when you are doing household works. It is suggested to wash your elbows with lukewarm water, towel-dry them and apply petroleum jelly, so that they do not become dry.
  • Use a quality moisturizer. While moisturizing your elbows, make sure you apply the moisturizer/petroleum jelly generously.
  • If the problem of dryness and roughness persists even after treating your elbows by exfoliation and moisturization, consult a dermatologist. Prescribed medications and treatments will help cure your dry elbows.

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