We care for all our body parts – the hands, the face, legs, feet and so on. Only elbows continue to remain scaly and rough. Find out how to make your elbows smooth and soft.

How To Smooth Rough Elbows

Imagine this – you spent a fortune on beauty parlours and skincare products. You have taken care of every part of your body – from the area under the eyes to the cuticles of your fingers. Now take a look at your elbows. Scaly? Rough? Do they remind you of the skin of an alligator? What a nightmare, it could prove to be, after all the money that you spent. Money and time are such luxuries these days. Alright, set money and time aside and think about your elbows. Imagine all the work that your elbows do for you. They bend so that you can pick up stuff, apply makeup, swim, drive a car, cook, and write, type. In short, just about anything that you can imagine. They take all the pain, and scratches; bear with all the rough surfaces, just so that you are comfortable with your own body. We are so cruel with them, right? It’s time we took care of our rough elbows. Try this method of care for your elbows before you sleep at least once in a month. Read on to know how to soften rough elbows.
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How To Soften Rough Elbows
Vaseline Does It
With maximum care, heat three tablespoons of petroleum jelly in a saucepan, only till it becomes liquid. Take care to take it off the fire, the moment all of it turns to liquid, lest it may catch fire. Set the saucepan aside to cool down.
Take a sturdy body brush and apply soap to it. Next, wet your elbows, take the body brush, and brush each elbow in gentle but firm circular movements for about ten minutes. Rinse well and dry with a soft towel.
Coffee Treatment
Mix one tablespoon of unused coffee grounds, left in the decoction filter, to one-fourth cup of liquid glycerin soap. Wet your elbows with warm water and rub the mixture of coffee grounds and glycerin soap.
Rinse And Vaseline
Rinse away the soap-and-coffee grounds mixture with water. Pat dry your elbows with a soft turkey towel. Check if the liquid petroleum jelly is cool enough for you not to burn your fingers. Slather this petroleum jelly on to your elbows generously. Slip on the cotton sleeves. If you cannot find the sleeves, make your own at home by taking a pair of clean dry socks and cutting away the part meant for feet; now slip them on. The sleeves are needed to protect your bedding and clothes from the petroleum jelly. 
Repeat this procedure once every month. You’ll need a daily treatment for your rough elbows, especially if you work both at home and outside or, in any other way, come in contact with all different kinds of surfaces. For this, go back to the time, when you were young and saw your mom applying half a lemon, on her elbows. Squeeze half a lemon on your elbow each night, to deal with daily wear-and-tear that your elbows might undergo.

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