To match or not to match, that’s the question! Read on to know how to match shoes and socks.

How To Match Shoes And Socks

More often than not, we are more concerned about finding those lost socks in the morning than thinking about whether they match our shoes or, much less, the pant that we are to wear. Socks were, till the last few years, looked upon as a preventive measure for minimizing the problem of smelly feet (and turning them into a smelly socks issue!) rather than an essential part of getting dressed or grooming. One doesn’t normally come across someone who judges another person’s sartorial sense, or personality, by looking at his/her socks! They are, nevertheless, an essential part of dressing well and people with conservative tastes (read ‘good old fashioned’ dressing sense) would lay stress on one’s socks too. It is old news that time is a real luxury for all of us; however, invest a few minutes for the part of your wardrobe that you gave the least consideration to all your life; you never know when it could matter. Read on to know how to match shoes and socks.
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Tips For Matching Socks And Shoes 
  • It is good to wear socks that match your shoes exactly, but it would be an added advantage if they matched your pants in the same way. Going for black pants, black socks and blacks shoes gives fluidity to the outfit and, in turn, provides a slimmer look.
  • When choosing a patterned sock, apart from making sure that they match your shoes, also check as to whether they match anything else in the outfit. For all those people who don’t want to look like a walking-talking crayon, this is the best way to get rid of the monochrome and monotony! Black socks with green argyle prints would look excellent if paired with both black shoes and green tie or shirt.
  • It is best to stay in the same color family as it minimizes the risk of looking like an eight-time winner of a ‘what-not-to-wear’ contest. Stick to colors that complement each other and don’t look jarring. In case you are teaming up your khaki pants with brown suede shoes, wear dark brown or tan-colored shoes, or patterned socks that combine two or more complementary colors
  • In all this, it is imperative to keep in mind not to match both the bottom and top halves. The top half should be kept lighter than the bottom half, to give the appearance of fluidity and consistency. For instance, if you are wearing brown shoes and socks, go for lighter colors like pale green or blue along with it.
  • It is accepted world over, that one needs to know the rules to be able to break them. So, throw all these rules out of the window when pairing your socks and shoes with shorts instead of pants. In case of shorts, the socks should match the action that you are gearing up for, For instance, wearing white socks for a workout session or while engaging in any sporting activity is absolutely fine.
  • Make sure your socks match, not just your shoes and pants, but also the general weather! Tan and light green colored socks should be worn during summers and darker shades during autumn and winter. Heavier, woolen socks should be kept for severe winters when you need to keep your feet warm.
  • Steer clear of novelty socks even if someone pays you a fortune to make a joke of yourself! Socks with reindeers, cartoon characters, etc on them, do not go with anything.  

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