Choosing the perfect shoes with your dress would go a long way in determining your look and style. With this article, explore tips on how to match shoes with your outfit.

How To Match Shoes With Your Outfit

Change is the only constant thing when it comes to fashion. Believe it or not, every day, there is a new style that dominates the market and stores. While mini skirts may be in today, chances are they will become outdated tomorrow. If not more, same is the case with shoes as well. Something that is in-fashion today is capable of being archaic in a few days time. As such, keeping in mind such changes, matching your shoes with your outfit can be a tricky task at hand. Just as your clothes, shoes define your personality. For those who are conservative, open toed footwear or strappy high-heeled ones would be a strict no-no. Bright colored shoes would also have no place in their shoe rack. However, those who are daring and outgoing would feature a variety of footwear in their shoe rack. At the time of choosing footwear for your dress, you need to understand that personal choice is all that matters. Just follow some general rule of the thumb and you are sure to reflect a good choice, without making any fashion faux-pas. Read on to know more about how to match your shoes with your outfit.  
Choosing The Perfect Shoes With Your Outfit
The Three Main Parameters
According to the Occasion
If you are of the opinion that shoes need not be worn according to the occasion, this could come as a blow. Shoes reflect a story of their own. Much can be said about a person's whereabouts by having a look at his or her shoes. While leather shoes define the formal mood, a casual occasion can be dealt with a pair of trendy footwear. While black/ brown leather shoes add style to a man's formal look, for a women medium to high heels work the best for meetings, conferences, offices or any other formal get-togethers.
According to the Style
Style is an important consideration to make, while matching shoes with your outfit. It would not only reflect your style quotient, but also mark your aptitude for fashion. While a casual skirt can be paired up with heeled chunky loafers or platforms, knee-high boots go the best with mini skirts. In case you are wearing jeans, sneakers or chunky soled shoes would be a good option to explore. Capris are best when teamed with open toed mules or platform. While long dressy pants prefer boots, sleek fabricated straight glamorous pant will look outstanding when coupled with strapped sandals.
According to the Color
This is basically applicable to women at large, though nowadays men are also seen exploring colored shoes. Red/ Yellow sneakers or off white color formals are a common sight with men today. Coming back to women, if you are wearing a red dress, you can pair it up with shoes that have red touch. While black is universal and goes well with any dress, white is best suited when it is teamed with a white or off white dress. Metallic shoes will match clothes that have multicolor in them. For those who want to portray a taller appearance without wearing heels, putting on shoe that match the hemline is a good idea. However, if you are tall and want a reverse effect, choose shoes that contrast the hemline.
  • A long skirt is best worn with flat shoes, ballet slippers or backless slip-ons.
  • Pumps of medium height work the best when you are off to work. Round, square or slightly tapered heels will give a professional look.
  • In case you are wearing palazzo pants, team them up with slip-on open-toed flats or espadrilles.
  • Straight glamorous pants look the best when they are worn with strapped, high-heeled sandals.
  • Boots, chunky-soled shoes or sneakers go well with jeans as well as corduroy pants.
  • For a party look, team your dressy outfit with a glamorous pair of sandals. Pointed-toe shoes with Sabrina heels would work the best.

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