Wearing colored tights is a good way to keep your legs warm and be stylish and attractive as well. With this article, explore useful tips on how to wear colored tights.

How To Wear Colored Tights

Sporting bright, solid-colored tights is the latest fashion extravaganza that initiated in social circuits, high-end parties and not to forget the ever-so extravagant ramp shows. From models showcasing them on ramp to young girls displaying them on college grounds, colored tights have become the talk of the town today. They add drama and character to your look, making you appear fashionable and chic. However, there is more to the trend than just wearing colored tights. Teaming it up with the right top and footwear is extremely important and goes a long way in deciphering your appearance. So, in case you are now wondering how to wear colored tights, this article will serve you the best. In the following lines, we have provided useful tips on wearing colored tights.
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Wearing Colored Tights
  • Colored tights are much in vogue with the current fashion. At the time of getting a pair for you, make sure you go for bright colors. They are not only eye catching, but also make you look vibrant and cheerful.
  • While effervescent reds, flamboyant yellows, bright pinks and chirpy greens make great picks, black, navy blue and dark purple qualify as perpetual and everlastingly colors for tights.
  • Coming to the materials of the tights, hosiery is the best choice. However, tights made out of other materials are also found. While choosing one, make sure you for a fabric that is long lasting and comfortable, but at the same time looks fashionable and chic.
  • Plain, self-colored tights make up as the most popular choice. However, the ones with self-designing can also be opted. While the former can be paired with any kind of dress, the latter gets highly-specific. Also, these days, there is choice between transparent and opaque tights as well.
  • Pumps, high heels, open air sandals and boots serves as the best choice, when you are keen on flaunting your tights.
  • Neutral colored clothing would be the best struck deal, for teaming up with tights. Wearing basic denim, camel, brown, black and grey colored attires would help you show off your brightly-colored legs, without overwhelming the whole outfit.  
  • Tights look best, when they are paired up with mini skirts, long tops and tunics. However, teaming them up with a short dress is also a great option you can explore, to look different!!
  • In case you are sporting red tights, ideally the color of the top as well as the footwear should belong to the black family. To complete the look, team it up with a bright red lipstick or a softer raspberry-red shade.
  • Tangerine-colored tights make the most obvious choice in the fall months. However, teaming them up with black or dark grey attire and footwear would be a bad choice (except, if you are getting ready to attend a Halloween party). Instead, opt for dark brown shoes and clothing.
  • Plum colored tights work well, when paired with neutral tans, light browns and camel color. Much like black, they radiate a slimming effect. Thus, for people who are overweight, plum colored tights would be the best option to explore. 
Important Tips 
  • Avoid wearing tights of the same color as your dress. You can end up looking like a fool.
  • Your top, tights and footwear should be such that they gel with each other, giving you a perfect look.
  • If your body is slightly on the heavier side, make sure you wear dark colored tights. Team them up with a skirt or tunic that covers your hips as well as the upper portion of your thighs.
  • Avoid neon colored tights. They might have looked quite alluring on the ramp, but (trust me) walking on the road wearing one would give you a look that is far from elegance and sophistication.
  • Tights with big prints are best avoided.
  • Heavy thighs plus transparent tights is a deadly combination (pun intended) and nothing less than a fashion disaster. Try picking opaque tights, instead!!

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