Do you struggle to keep your hair in their usual style once you take off your hat? Read the article for some valuable tips on how to get rid of hat hair.

How To Get Rid Of Hat Hair

Wearing a hat can spoil your hair do. You can’t afford to go to office with a hat head, no matter how much you want to wear those trendy hats and flaunt that supremely stylish look. Sporting a hat gives your hair dents and can leave you with a flattened head the moment you remove your hat. Even if you wear a hat for very short duration, it is enough to ruin your hair by dumping their volume. The article comes up with some cool tips on how to get rid of hat hair. Read on to know what it takes to avoid hat hair and still, have the privilege of wearing the most fashionable hats.
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Tips To Get Rid Of Hat Hair
Use Hairspray
Hairspray is a quite preferred way to avoid the hair dents and get back your normal hairstyle. Brush your hair immediately after applying hairspray, or else, the dents will continue to remain. For those who are wary of using hairspray, there is absolutely no need to spray that mist directly to your hair. Take ample amount of spray on your hairbrush and run it through you scalp. It will have the same effect on your hair. If your hat hair is still there, try using a paddle brush.
Condition Your Hair
Cold winters can be a testing weather for your hair. There are good hair-conditioning products available in the market to treat your hair to their full glory. Dryness of the scalp can aggravate the problem of hat hair and hence, a healthy and regular conditioning of your hair is required. Don’t let your scalp dry out and deep-condition your hair once in a week. If you prefer natural conditioning of your hair, you can put an oatmeal mask on your hair every night for six weeks. After the prescribed six weeks, take care to stop using it for a month before using it for another six weeks.
Brush Your Hair Constantly
Constant brushing on your hair will also keep them in good shape. Keep removing entanglements from your hair by brushing them quite often to get rid of hat hair. Brush your hair with a few strokes. Add volume by starting from the inside of your hair. From this point, brush outwards. This way, you are just teasing your hair, minus the puffiness as brushing from the inside creates puffiness. Brush your hair normally, beginning from the scalp to the end. This can be of great help in solving your hat hair problem.
Use Static Busters
Static products can have a slightly repulsive smell but are very common for hair use and clean. You can use static guard on your hair brush to get rid of your troublesome hat hair. It is of great help in smoothing out your hairstyle. Finishing products like head polish can also be used. Take a drop of it in each palm and run through your hair. It acts as an emulsifier and smoothen your hair.

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