People dread finding their first gray hair, even though the options for covering them are many. Given here are some tips and ideas on coloring your grey hair.

Hair Coloring Ideas For Gray Hair

Gray hair is a common problem faced by the young, the middle-aged and the old alike. Many men and women have taken up hair coloring as one of the various camouflage measures to cover their grays. Hair colors last long and the results are better as compared to dyes and henna. In the present times, there is a wide variety of hair coloring shades to choose from. While choosing the perfect hair color, there are factors that you need to take into consideration. This will include your skin tone, your natural hair color and your eye color. In other words, it is important that the color you select compliment your skin tone and eye color. Given below are some hair coloring ideas for covering gray hair.
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Coloring Your Grey Hair 
  • In case your complexion is dark, like that of an African American, you can choose shades of red, burgundy, copper and gold. Highlights of two shades of the same color will give a better effect.
  • For fair skin, any dark color, such as purple, red, gold, bronze, black, honey-blonde, and dark brown, will be perfect. While coloring, be sure that the hair color provides good grey hair coverage. The daring kinds can opt for green or pink also.
  • Those with olive skin tones can experiment with dark as well as light color shades. For a deep olive skin tone, choose dark brown or dark blonde and for a light olive skin tone, go for burgundy, brown or blue black.
  • Blondes have an opportunity to go in for a completely new look by opting for brunette or dark blonde hair colors, like dark or medium brown, black, red, gold and copper.
  • Brunettes can compliment their skin tone by choosing shades of brown, like coffee or chestnut, blonde, burgundy and wine.
  • Women having long hair can go for highlights and streaks and opt for a hair color that compliments their skin tone and haircut. Do not use more than two shades of a particular color, to avoid looking messy.
  • People with short hair cuts can easily cover grey hair. Choose from shades of gold, bronze, red, mocha brown, honey blonde and wine.
  • Coloring dark hair is a challenge, especially with a few strands of grey in it. It is best to stick to the natural color of the hair or one tone lighter than the natural hair. Consult a professional for grey hair coverage, in case you have dark hair. 
  • Soften your hair before starting to color them, by applying 20% peroxide on the grey areas and combing thoroughly. Leave it for 5 to 10 minutes and rinse well thereafter. Dry your hair and apply the color.
  • Apply color to grey areas first, as grey hair takes longer time to absorb the hair color. Then, apply the color to the rest of your hair.
  • Begin with applying hair color to the roots and working towards the ends of the hair.
  • Part your hair into sections, for easy application of the color and also to make sure that every strand has been covered.
  • Clip your hair after applying the color and cover it with a plastic head wrap or a shower cap.

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