For the most of Indian male population of the 21st century, hair coloring is not a new trend anymore. Let’s take a look at some cool and latest hair coloring trends for Indian man in 2008.

Men Hair Coloring Trends

Are you bored of natural color of your hair? Want to experiment with a new shade, but don’t have an idea which trendy hair color is in-fashion these days? Don’t worry; we are here to help you out!! Hair coloring trend is not a new one in India. Since ancient times, Indian women used to color their hair with the help of natural and herbal hair color products.
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The increasing fashion consciousness amongst the Indian population has made them even try new and never heard before beauty products. Hair coloring products are one of these. These days, the use of chemical-based hair colors has gained a huge popularity in Indian fashion industry. Mostly, we see women coloring their hair with a desire of looking bold and beautiful.
Even, the Indian men are not behind. A large portion of metro sexual Indian men, unhesitatingly, have adopted the so called hair coloring trend. They too, are willing to enhance their looks by experimenting with new shades of hair colors. You must have often come across middle-aged adults and young boys sporting their uniquely colored hair and highlights.
India has been witnessing a boom in the cosmetic and fashion industry, since past few years. Today, the Indian markets are flooded with hair color brands for men like L’Oreal, Revlon, Shwarzkopf, Garnier, Maxim, Godrej etc. Fueled by this, presently, a large number of men’s hair coloring trends and styles have cropped up amongst Indian men. These are:
  • If you are a middle-aged male, you can go for a progressive trend of coloring your hair. In other words, keep it natural and opt for shades of brown and black to look younger and smarter.
  • You can also highlight your hair with streaks of lighter color shades. But, keep in mind not to over saturate the darker color of your hair, or you will end up destroying your overall appearance.
  • All you guys inspired by the singing sensation Ricky Martin, go on and try the funky look by highlighting the tips of your spiky hairstyle with lighter shades. It’s very much in fashion these days, especially amongst the young boys and teens.
  • Have guts to try something crazy? If yes, then there are a number of options for you. Put on a unique and completely different shade of hair color and surprise the people around you.

Before going for a hair coloring job, there are certain things that are to be kept in mind to avoid any inconvenience. Just consider the fact that some hair colors have strong chemical compounds in them. They bind the color permanently to your hair and cannot be washed off easily. So, just be careful regarding the choice of hair color or you have to stay with the same hair color for quite a long period of time.

Also, remember that it’s not necessary that the hair color which suits a celebrity will also look nice on your hair. Don’t imitate their styles. Try to be original and opt for a hair color that fits well with your personality, built and texture of your hair. So, go on and carry out a complete makeover of your hair with the help of above in-fashion hair coloring trends and make a distinct style statement of your own.

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