Shoes are an integral part of a man’s wardrobe. A right pair can assist in enhancing the appearance of your outfit. Take a sneak peek into the latest styles and trends of men shoes in India in 2008

Trends In Men’s Shoes

It is an old saying that “Shoes are the reflectors of one’s lifestyle and personality”. Thus, choosing a right pair of shoes becomes a necessary task for an individual. Indian footwear industry caters to almost every demand of the Indian men related to footwear. Casual to dress shoes and sneakers to the Indian traditional shoes, it gives a lot of variety to choose from.
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Today, the fashion conscious Indian man prefers to put on a different pair of shoes every time he changes his outfit. This need is adequately fulfilled by a large variety and styles of shoes offered in the Indian footwear markets.
Gone are the days when shoes were just worn to keep your feet warm and clean. At present times, shoes have become a style statement for the Indian men. In Indian markets, many shoes of National and International brands like Adidas, Reebok, Nike, Puma, Bata, Liberty, Woodland etc. are available in various styles and designs. Some of them are:
Dress Shoes
Dress shoes, also known as formal shoes. As the name suggests, these are worn with the casual outfits and formal attire. These types of shoes are mostly characterized by soft leather upper and a sleek shape.
Dress shoes are commonly made out of leather. These are wider and squarer in shape which applies on both, loafers and laced shoes. The successful and hard working Indian men love to flaunt their style with a pair of dress shoes.
Casual Shoes
Casual footwear’s are a hit amongst the Indian men. These shoes include everything from loafers, ankle boots to laced shoes as well. Their built is slightly different from the dress shoes. These can be worn with almost any kind of casual outfit and gives a relaxed feel to your feet. Either wear casual shoes with a pair of jeans or match it with khakis, everything will suit fine with them.
Sporty Trainer Shoes
The sports shoes are immensely popular amongst Indian men. These are basically meant for wearing during the athletic and sports activities. These types of shoes are very trendy, stylish and comfortable. They are commonly carved out from soft materials like canvas, PVC Rubber and PU to provide greater flexibility to them. These shoes provide a casual and trendy look to the wearer.
Sneakers are also hot favorites amongst the Indian men. These are casual athletic shoes which can be worn during various indoor and outdoor activities. The sneakers are available in a variety of designs and colors. Most of the Indian men prefer to wear sneakers along with a pair of jeans.
Punjabi Jutties
The Punjabi jutties available in the Indian footwear markets are purely an Indian style shoe which is often worn by men on traditional occasions like wedding etc. Nowadays, many Indian men prefer to wear jutties to complement their ethnic outfits like sherwani, kurta payjama etc.
Mojari is a typical Rajasthani shoe handcrafted to give it a traditional look. This traditional footwear is also very popular amongst the Indian men and is in trend these days.

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