Nowadays, suits are the most popular formal wear amongst the Indian men. Read on to know further about the latest trends and styles of men suits in India.

Latest Trends In Men’s Suits

The men suits are said to be originated in The Great Britain in the 17th century. Since then, they have captured the senses of fashion conscious men, all over the world. Nowadays, most of the Indian men, especially the younger men, are obsessed with suits as they exhibit their dressing sense and etiquettes. Suits have their distinct aura, style and fashion statement which, men love to flaunt in the society. Suits are perhaps, the best apparel amongst men’s formal attire. You got to have a pair or two in your wardrobe if you seriously want to enhance your dressing style!!
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Men suits are affected by the technological advancements in the textile industry too. As a result, Indian man has a comprehensive range of stylish suits to choose from. Men suits can be broadly categorized into lounge suits or two-piece suits, three-piece suits and business suits. A three-piece suit comprises of a coat, trouser and a waistcoat. In the absence of a waistcoat, it becomes a two-piece or a lounge suit.
Different styles and designs of men suits serve the sole purpose of attiring men during formal events. Truly, they are a projection of masculinity and self-esteem of the Indian men. Nowadays, the most sought after styles of men’s suits are:
Single Breasted Suits
Single breasted suits are the basic style of formal suits which are worn by men all over India. The pattern and design of these types of suits is almost simple and comprises of two or three buttons in a straight line.

Double Breasted Suits
The double breasted style of suits features an overlapping portion of the coat on another portion. These types of suits comprise of two sets of buttons. 

Blazers are most stylish of the lot. Their style has been adapted from a sports jacket but with an elegant formal touch. Blazers are available in a plethora of colors, styles and patterns. But the navy blue color is the most preferred one by the Indian men these days. The classic wool surge, cashmere silk or even silk is often used in the making of a blazer and providing it a rich look and a soft touch.
If you are going to add a suit to your wardrobe, there are certain things that are to be kept in mind to strike a best deal. The suits can be both tailored according to an individual’s style and can also be purchased off the rack.
The tailored suits are a bit expensive than the readymade ones because of the customization done to them. Different styles of suits are available in a vast range of colors and patterns in the Indian markets like Navy Blue, Brown, Striped (Pin Striped and Chalk Striped) and many more. 

So, go ahead and pick a suit that goes with your style, suits your personality and fits perfect within a formal occasion.

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