Those with more pronounced vital stats can now easily choose clothes from Plus Size Indian Clothing. Read about plus size clothes in India.

Plus Size Indian Clothing

There was a time in India, when, being overweight meant going to your local tailor and getting your clothes specially altered or stitched. Not only was that a headache, but it also meant that you could not simply go the store and pick what is latest in trend. Explaining it to the tailor never got you anywhere, so you just left it and were satisfied with whatever was available. Of course, that was back then! With the concept of plus size clothing gaining popularity, Indian clothing is also available in bigger sizes to cater to that segment of population which is often ridiculed because of ‘excess baggage’. Here’s more information on plus size Indian clothing.
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Traditional Attire
You have an important wedding coming up in the family and are worried about what to wear. There is no time to go to the tailor and get a salwar-kameez stitched. Most showrooms don’t have clothes in your size and you start getting dejected. There is hope now, as many malls have stores that specifically cater to plus size Indian clothing! So you can confidently walk in there and choose your favorite traditional attire without even worrying whether you will get your size or not!
The Popular Ones
Inspired by the ‘Big and Tall’ stores of the west, our own garment makers have come up with plus size stores that offer Indian clothing. The most popular ones are Pluss, Just My Size, Just Your Size, etc. They have their own manufacturing units and are becoming very popular among urban Indians. Not only do they provide a variety of sizes (ranging from L to XXXXL), they also offer the latest trendy styles. The garments are made specially to make the body look healthy, instead of fat. The cuts are very flattering and can camouflage bulges and flabby areas. Choose from a variety of colors and add color and sparkle to your life!
His and Her’s

Men and women both, can find their choicest garments at these plus size clothing stores. Men can choose from their variety of expandable waist trousers, jeans, corduroy pants and striped shirts that are priced decently. Women can choose from stylishly designed ethnic kurtas, salwar-kameez, long skirts, tee-shirts, Capri pants, trousers and jeans. They are available in a variety of colors, cuts and styles, which will make you, want to go shopping confidently every weekend!

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