In order to measure your hat size, you need to be aware of the exact place on the head that needs to be evaluated. Go through this article and know how do you determine a hat size.

How To Measure Your Hat Size

Most of the people think of buying clothes and shoes as one of the most difficult tasks in this world. They consider buying the accessories, such as belts and hats, to be fairly easy and simple. However, easy though it looks, getting a hat that perfectly fits your head is not at all a simple task. This is because, in majority of the cases, a person's head size doesn't perfectly conform to the regular hat sizes available in shops. What to do now? If you want a perfect fit for your hat, the best bet would be to get one especially made for you. For the purpose, you would have to determine your hat size. How? We will tell you! Read on to get tips on how to measure your hat size.
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How Do You Determine A Hat Size
Don't Go For Hat Size
The first thing to keep in mind, while determining your hat size, is that sizes of the hats, as available in the market, should not be taken into consideration. Majority of the hats that you will find in the stores come with a size label of their own. However, the exact measurements prove to be a problem, especially when you have to convert inches into centimeters or vice versa. So, learn to ignore the hat sizes. Rather, you should measure your head, down to the last inch or centimeter, in order to get the perfect fit.
Measure Your Head
After ruling out the hat sizes available in the market, it is the time to measure your head, to lay you hands over the perfect fit. For the purpose, you will have to make use of a good tape measure. In case you are not able to get the most accurate measurement of your head by yourself, it is advisable to take the help of someone else. Remember, an ill-fitting hat can cause major discomfort. You can take all the time in the world you want, but make sure that the measurement of your head is perfect. 
Measure The Right Place
Even on a single human head, measurements can vary to quite an extent, depending on the particular area where you concentrate. In order to get the right measurement, you need to evaluate the right place on your head. Simply winding the measuring tape around your forehead would not give you the perfect measurement for your hat size. The best bet would be to use a hat that you already own and which is comfortable as well. Place it on your head and measure the area where it settles.
Get The Measurements
Finally, you need to get the measurements for your hat. Get the measuring tape and place it around the head, where your own hat fits. Make sure that the tape wounds snugly, being neither too tight, nor too loose. After you have placed the tape on your head, at the right place and in the right way, it is the time to note down the measurements. Make sure to get the exact measurements, down to one eighth of an inch. Now, take this measurement to a hat maker and get the perfect, custom-made hat for yourself.

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