Stretch marks prevention is perfectly possible, though with a little precaution on your part. Read on to know how to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.

Stretch Marks Prevention

Pregnancy is is a wonderful time in any woman's life! It brings with itself ecstasy, anxiety and fear all rolled into one. Being able to create a new life is nothing short of a miracle. You know that your favorite jeans will no longer fit you; neither would your favorite off-shouldered purple gown. It may seem silly in comparison to the happiness you are about to get, but giving childbirth doesn’t mean everything rosy. Getting stretch marks is one ugly outcome of getting pregnant. Nonetheless, let that not fade away your happiness. Getting stretch marks largely depends on the genes, but with a little precaution, you can surely minimize them. Here are some tips to help you in stretch marks prevention!
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How To Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy
Eat A Balanced Diet
Eating a proper meal is not only important for the life growing inside you, but also to keep your beauty intact. Incorporate leafy vegetables, proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, etc in your diet. Make sure that you integrate dairy products and dairy supplements in your diet. Nevertheless, it is equally important to see if you are overeating. Many pregnant women tend to eat a lot during pregnancy, which is not advisable. Eat in the prescribed and balanced amount.
Wear A Supportive Bra
Gaining weight during pregnancy is a normal thing. However, many women, instead of going for suitable bra and maternity clothes, go for temporary arrangement and don’t want to spend big money on something this short-term. Wrong maternity clothes and unsupportive bras can ruin your body shape and increase stretch marks. So, buy a supportive bra, according to your new size and get clothes that are comfortable.
Moisturize In And Out
When the belly stretches, it cannot go completely back to the pre-pregnancy state, even after delivery. If you want it to at least resemble what it was before pregnancy, you will have to moisturize it. Moisturize with oils, creams and lotions, twice daily, without fail. It will also help get rid of itching, which is a common pregnancy problem. Moisturizing from the inside means drinking lots of water. Drink lots of water and keep the stretch marks at bay.
Watch Your Weight Gain
The more weight you gain, the more stretch marks you will get. So, instead of eating mindlessly, eat a balanced diet and watch your weight. Consult your gynecologist about the prescribed weight gain and make sure that you don’t exceed an ounce over the approved weight.
Use Vitamin E
Vitamin E is your salvation in time of pregnancy. It will help reduce the complications and risk during childbirth. It is very effective in preventing stretch marks as well, since it can regenerate the dead cells. This vitamin also makes the body firm and elastic, making it less prone to stretch marks. Postpartum stretch marks can also be removed by massaging the belly with vitamin E oil and taking its supplements.
Apply Cocoa Butter/Shea Butter
Keep these creams within your hand’s reach during pregnancy. Shea has unique soothing and moisturizing abilities and thus, is able to reduce stretch marks. Cocoa butter works in same way and is widely used in massaging creams. You would find their supplements in any departmental store. Massage your belly twice with Shea Butter or Cocoa Butter daily, and you would find your abdomen stretch marks-free after your baby’s birth.
Use Collagen Rich Creams
These creams basically help in getting a firmer and toned skin appearance. Collagen rich cream moisturizes, tones, firms, tightens and protects the skin cells, thus helps in getting rid of stretch marks. Shop online or head to the nearest departmental store. Keep these creams in store and massage your belly, your thighs and your underarms with them, along with all the other stretch marks prone places, with them.
Increase Circulation To The Area
Increase circulation to the stretch mark-prone areas. Use something with a bit of texture to massage the belly and thighs, like loofahs, although a feather light one, to increase the blood circulation, which will eventually prevent stretch marks.
Keep Exercising
Exercising will help keep your weight in check, make you healthier, reduce your labor pain and diminish the stretch marks. Daily exercise will keep the skin elastic and firm and will increase your over all beauty as well. However, before integrating any exercise in your daily routine, don’t forget to consult your gynecologist.

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