While doing makeup, plus size women need to keep certain basic tips in mind. Here are a few helpful makeup tips for a plus size woman, to help chisel her into a gorgeous beauty.

Makeup For Plus Size Women

If you think fat and beautiful do not go well with each other, think again. To be beautiful, you need not be size zero. Sadly, this fact is even ignored by many plus size women who dread their curvaceous figure and plunge themselves in gloom and self-pity. The truth is that plus-size women have all the right curves and a beautiful voluptuous body. It’s very easy for them to look sexy and gorgeous with a little fashion and the right makeup techniques. In fact, with lots of smile and the perfect makeup, they can easily look stunning and lovely. In the following lines, we have given some of the best makeup tips for plus size women, which will enhance their beauty and help them look gorgeous.
Makeup Tips For A Plus Size Woman
No Garish Colors
Flashy makeup doesn’t look good on anyone and the plus size women are no exception to this rule. Anything that looks bad on a regular size woman will get exaggerated on a plus-size woman. So, they should steer clear of gaudy make up on all occasions.
Skin-tone Matching Foundation
It is advisable to choose a foundation as closely matching your skin tone as possible. Otherwise, it will draw the attention to the roundness of your face and will look like a mask. Don’t go for a paste-like foundation and always buy such a product from a reputed brand.
Go For Matte Finish
The light is reflected more on plus-size, rounded cheeks and thus, such women should go for a matte effect, rather than a dewy one. In light, a dewy face gives the impression of sweating or having oily skin and emphasizes the roundness. Therefore, you should go for matte finish, which will complement your features and also last long.
Blush Should Compliment Hair & Skin
The purpose of corrective makeup should be to hide the flaws and complement the positives. A darker blush doesn’t give the appearance of slimmer face, rather gives the roundness away. Therefore, you need to apply a blush that complements your tresses and skin and doesn’t look artificial. Applying it in a right way is also essential. Use it on the apple of your cheeks, with even strokes.
No Heavy Application Of Shadows & Liners
Although playing with the eyes is not a bad idea, heavy application of eye makeup is something to be refrained from. The idea is again to compliment the face and accentuate the beauty of the eyes. Apply a small line of eyeliner on the upper as well as lower lids but don’t apply it all the way across the eyes. The eye shadows should complement the dress. Neutral eye makeup is the best bet for plus size women.
Apply Dark Lipstick
A nice dark lipstick that matches the occasion and your skin tone will easily draw attention away from the roundness of the cheeks and other flaws. Don’t go for neutral shades, as they give a plain effect and draw attention to the fuller face. You can also go for a glossy color, with sparkle.
Clever Makeup Techniques
Cleverly applied makeup has the ability to hide your flaws and accentuate your plus points. Define your cheekbones with a little bronzer, starting from the temple. Move towards the cheek and then go down the jaw line, moving in an inward letter-three position. Apply the bronzer again, to hide your double chin carefully. If your nose is big, you can give it a slimmer appearance by applying a darker tone of foundation on each side of the nose.
Have Nicely Shaped Eyebrows
Instead of going for a rounded shape, go for straight, sharper edges to give a slimming illusion to the face. However, you should never opt for very skinny brows, as they make the face look too full.
Invest In Tanning
Tanning gives an appearance of slimness. So, before attending a party where you want to look slim, indulge in a fake tan spray. However, don’t go so overboard in tanning that you look as if you have come direct from the sun. Apply it in modest amount and equally to all the parts, not forgetting the underarms and back of the legs.

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