Knowing your waist size can leave you with a little more advantage than just well-fitted denims. Go through the article to get tips on how to measure women’s waist sizes.

How To Measure Women's Waist Sizes

Are you game for streamline silhouette or tapered pants, but don’t know which size fits you? If yes, then take heart to know that you aren’t the only one. Most women, supersized or petite, are apparently unaware of their right size, something that explains their ill-fitted, over tight or super baggy wardrobe. Knowing her waist size is crucial for a woman. Not only does it help you to get the right size, but it also acts as a health alarm, in case your waistline exceeds its territory, sensing danger for your cardiac health. If you are someone who bets on ‘vanity sizing’, which is usually a deceiving size, designed by manufacturers and retailers, then knowing your real waist size can come as a real blow. Nevertheless, it is important to know your waist size which isn’t always your denim size. Knowing how to measure your waist size can be a real eye-opener for you. To know more on how to measure a women’s wait size, read on.
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Tips For Measuring A Woman's Waist Size
  • Before you get on to the task of measuring your waistline, remember to remove your clothing so that it doesn’t obstruct with the measurement. If possible, just wear your undergarments, as even a tight-fitting legging can leave you with a wrong measurement. Chin-up and stand straight in front of a mirror, with shoulders thrown back. Breathe deeply to relax your abs.
  • You will need a soft measuring tape to assess your waist size. It’s important to pick the right measurement tape for accurate reading. Check out at a craft or fabric stores for a loose tape.
  • The next step is to find the right place in your body for assessing your size. Begin by locating your iliac crest, or the top part right above the pelvic bone. Position your finger on your torso, on the right side of your waist and dig your fingers to locate the pelvic bone under the skin. Push your fingers deep until you have found the top curve of the bone which is the iliac crest. This spot is generally at the same level as your bellybutton, or at, the narrowest part of your torso.
  • Now take the measuring tape and wrap it round your waist, beginning from the top of your hip bone and circle it around your abdomen. Keep the tape horizontal. Position the end of the tape measure which reads “0” at the spot on the tape where the loop circles your waist completely.
  • Now sit straight and exhale gently. Do not suck in your gut while measuring, as it will only give you an incorrect reading. Gently breathe out as you pull the tape so that it stays firm against your body. However, do not squeeze the tape onto your skin. Note the number at the point where the “0” end of the tape intersects around your waist. This particular number is your accurate waist size.
  • Most women find it difficult to locate their natural waist. In that case, put on a pair of pantyhose or tight-fitting leggings and then bend sideways, first to your left and then right and let the elastic waist roll off naturally. The place where the elastic rolls off to is your natural waist.
  • Never suck in your gut or hold your breath when measuring your waist as it will only leave you with a faulty waistline reading.

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