It is vital to measure your correct bra size, because it ensures a good blood circulation throughout the body, especially the breasts. Read the article and know how to determine your bra size.

How To Determine Bra Size

It is a shocking truth that more than 50% of women today are buying and wearing the wrong bra size. If you feel that your bra is slipping, sliding or digging into your flesh, you are probably wearing the wrong one. It is important to measure the correct size of your bra, because an ill-fitting one can lead to a number of ailments, such as neck strain, backache and rashes. While a tight bra puts undue strain on the shoulders and the bust, a loosely fitted brassier results in drooping breasts. On the other hand, a perfect fitting bra supports the breasts, without putting strain on the chest wall, neck, back and shoulders. You will be able to breathe well and also sustain proper blood flow throughout your body, if you wear a bra that fits you well. Believe it or not, there are still the kind of women in the world, in today’s times, who would not really care about wearing a proper bra. Women are ready to spend a big amount of money on buying an exquisite, gorgeous dress but would not really pay attention to the fitting of the bra underneath. The matter of the fact is it kills your designer clothes if you do not wear the right bra. Your chest would not look like how it is supposed to look and the fitting at the chest would look ridiculous. These days at the branded lingerie shops you would find sales assistants ready to help you with finding the right kind of bra for yourself. They can measure you up quite accurately and get for you different varieties of bra to try on. But if this concept does not suit you and you are the shy kinds then you can find out yourself what your real size is. Here in this article you can learn how to determine your bra size.
How To Measure Your Bra Size
  • Wear a bra, in which you feel comfortable, after removing your top.
  • Now, take measurements of the area around your rib cage, straight under your breasts, using a measuring tape. Make a note of this number. Make sure that you stand straight while doing this and your back and shoulders are in erect position. While the measuring tape is around you, make a note not to push your chest out or hold your breath in at any point. Also, the measuring tape has to be parallel to the ground and not tilted.
  • Add five to the number that you have just noted down. This will be your bra size.
  • It is equally important to figure out the cup size for your bra, to ensure a perfect fit. Make use of the same measuring tape for the purpose. Stand straight and your aim should be to measure the fullest part of your breasts, which is right above the nipples.
  • Measure the area around your chest, fully covering your bust. Now, subtract your bra size from the number that you have noted down in this above step. This will help you figure out your cup size.
  • If the difference is somewhere between 0 and ½ inch, your cup size is AA. In case the difference is ½ to 1 inch, A will be the cup size of your bra.
  • The cup size of your bra will be 'B', if the difference is between 1 and 2 ½ inches.
  • The difference ranging from 2 ½ to 3 ½ inches indicates that your cup size is 'C'. Your cup size is 'D', if the difference ranges from 3 ½ to 4 ½ inches.
  • If you decide to take the help of a professional at the store then be careful that you take the assistance only of a seasoned expert otherwise you will again end up buying a wrong bra. The expert will also be able tell you which kind of bra will suit you the best.
  • You must not buy a bra from the kind of store that only sells limited range and sizes because more often than not the sales assistants of these stores will try to sell you the wrong kind of bra to increase their sales. Also, make sure that you do not get measured in your old ill-fitting bra, whether you are measuring your bosom yourself or taking a professional help. If you take the measurement in your old bra then the result will be same. Therefore, either slip into a comfortable one or take the bra off and get yourself measured only in the t-shirt.
Tips To Ensure That Your Bra Continues To Fit You Perfectly
  • You should never wear the same bra two days in a row otherwise it will lose its ability to fit you perfectly. You should at least keep three good bras with you and wear each one of them alternatively. This will let the elastic to recuperate again before you put it on again and make it stretch.
  • Generally, the good ones are a bit expensive but it is an investment worth making. A lot depends on the kind of bra you wear. You will definitely look a lot smarter and graceful with a good bra on. It is better to have an expensive good one than to buy several cheap ill-fitting ones. Also, if you take care of your bras and maintain them then they will stay good for years.  

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