Need to catch up with an important family function next week, but caught up due to a bad pluck or wax? Glance through the article to know the tips on how to make your eyebrows grow faster and thicker.

How to Make Eyebrows Grow Faster

Eyebrows are an important feature of a person’s facial structure. Not only do they serve as a protection to the eyes, eyebrows make the eyes look more prominent and expressive. They beautify a woman’s eyes while adding character to a man’s eyes. Most women indulge in regular trimming and waxing of the eyebrows, in order to keep them in shape. However, many a times this beauty program which we resort to results in a fashion faux pas, leaving us regretting over the outcome. Trying out the new beauty salon in your neighborhood can be an extremely exciting experience, but all the excitement would come to an end, with one bad pluck. Most of you would agree being a victim of a bad pluck, once in a lifetime, which would have left you with untidy eyebrows. If you have recently been a victim of a wrongly trimmed eyebrow that you want to grow back quickly, here is a respite. There are few easy and natural ways to make your eyebrows grow back quickly. This article provides you with certain tips to make your eyebrows grow faster and thicker. Read on and get back your perfectly chiseled eyebrows!
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Tips For Making Your Eyebrows Grow Faster
Massage Your Eyebrows
Regular massaging of your eyebrow area would improve the blood circulation in the area, increasing the growth of your eyebrows. Use your index finger to apply gentle pressure in a circular motion. Repeat this exercise every day for few minutes to stimulate the growth hormones.
Revived Diet Plan
Start consuming food rich in nutrients and vitamins. Consuming high-nutrient diet like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low fat dairy and protein will provide enough nutrients to your body and will improve and augment the growth of your eyebrows.
Hair Growth Vitamin Supplement
There are several vitamin supplements available which are designed specifically to facilitate the body hair growth, including your eyebrows. These supplements are rich in proteins, amino acids, folic acid, iron, other vitamins and minerals that are essential to improve the growth of hair in your body. Regular intake of these supplements will speed up the growth of your eyebrows.
Eyebrow Hair Growth Mixture
Combine together aloe vera gel, onion juice and soaked fenugreek seeds to make a nutritious hair growth mixture. Mix the ingredients thoroughly and apply it on your eyebrows. Keep the mixture on your eyebrows for at least an hour or two before wiping it out. Perform this exercise every day in order to get the desired result. This mixture will make your eyebrows grow back quickly in a natural way.
Hair Stimulation Products
There are a few hair stimulating products available in the market to help the hair grow in the area, where it is applied. Apply the cream on your eyebrows every day, for 6-8 weeks, to make your eyebrows grow and attain the desired length faster.
Castor Oil
Castor oil has an amazing ability to grow back the lost hair in any part of the body. Massage your eyebrows with 2-3 drops of castor oil every day, before you go to bed. Castor oil does not contain a bad odor like onion juice and therefore there is no need to worry about troubling others. Repeat the massage with castor oil on your eyebrows, for 2-3 weeks, to see your eyebrows starting to grow within 3-4 days.
Tips And Warnings
  • Poor eyebrow growth can also be the result of some medical conditions and drugs. In such a case speak to your doctor about changing your medication.
  • Avoid plucking or waxing until your eyebrows grow back completely. If you will continue to wax and pluck your hair, it will prevent hair growth.

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