Do you want to know how to get well-groomed eyebrows without having to rush to the parlor every week? Read on to get tips for plucking your eyebrows to keep them in shape.

How To Pluck Eyebrows

Well-shaped eyebrows can change your look like nothing else. It makes you look pretty and tidy and the world drools over you. Eyebrow plucking is the most commonly opted beauty therapy by both men and women and in no less time than a week, they visit the nearby parlor to get rid of the unwanted hair crowding their brows. However, did you know that instead of getting your eyebrow tweezed or plucked by a professional, you can do it yourself? Although it might seem complicated and painful, a few simple steps to be followed along with keeping your patience is all that you need to flaunt well-plucked brows. This article will guide you how to go about it. 
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Steps For Plucking Your Eyebrows
  • First of all, purchase a pair of tweezers which is sharp and sturdy. Try out on your eyebrow before buying. If it slips off the skin or breaks the hair in between instead of plucking it out from the root, know for sure that the device is ineffective and would take extra time without desirable results.
  • Next would be to decide which eyebrow shape you would prefer for your face. If you are finding it difficult to come down to a specific shape, refer to an eyebrow grooming guide and go through the steps carefully. 
  • Now, tie up your hair in such a way so that you can clearly see your forehead and brows. Pin it up so that it does not pose a hindrance while you are working over your brows. 
  • Brush your eyebrows in a straight manner. If you find any unwanted hair coming out of the natural symmetry, trim it carefully with the help of a small, sharp scissor. Special fine-tooth eyebrow scissors are available in beauty shops. Long and bushy eyebrows need to be carefully trimmed, since they have a lot of outgrowth.
  • Now clean your face with warm water. This not only helps to relax your skin, but makes the removal of hair follicles easier. Now rub your face with a towel and make sure there is no moisture on your skin.
  • Select the unwanted hair which you are planning to remove. It can be below, above and in-between the natural shape.
  • Begin tweezing the arches in. Stretch your skin with the other hand and pull the hair from its root. Always remember to pluck in the direction of growth itself. The clearly visible large and dark hair should be removed first. After you are done with this, go on to pluck the other eyebrow before pulling out the finer hair.
  • While removing hair from the top of the brows, be over cautious. Only remove the extra fine hair of both the eyebrows and do not overdo it. It might just spoil the entire shape. 
  • Then, remove the hair from the middle of the two eyebrows. This is slightly easier to be done.
  • Now take a careful look at yourself in the mirror. Do your eyebrows look balanced or you still need to pluck some hair from top or below?
  • It is time to fine tune your eyebrows now. Pluck out any hair which is necessary to make your brows look even and perfectly balanced.
  • The fine hair will not be clearly visible. So, get close to the mirror and begin removing the light hair once you are satisfied with your present eyebrow shape. Take a towel to dust off the plucked hair from the face to avoid confusion and get a clear visibility.
  • If your skin is sensitive and has turned red already, use ice to soothe your skin. Rub it against the skin carefully. You can also dip a cotton ball in an aloe-vera based lotion or gel and apply it over the irritated patch of your face skin.

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