If you want to arch your eyebrows, the steps provided in this article will be of great help. Read on and get information on how to arch your eyebrows.

How To Arch Your Eyebrows

Eyebrows form a very important aspect of your face. A change in their shape can alter your appearance to quite an extent. While most of the people prefer to get their eyebrows waxed or threaded professionally, you can shape the eyebrows at home also. All you would require is a pair of tweezers or razor, along with eyebrow brush, eyebrow pencil, mirror and some patience. In this particular article, we have listed the steps that will help you arch your eyebrows at home only. You can also vary the steps a little and attain almost any eyebrow shape that you want.
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Shaping Your Eyebrows
Using Tweezers
Items Needed
  • Eyebrow Pencil
  • Tweezers
  • Eyebrow Brush
  • Makeup Brush 
  • First of all, take the eyebrow brush and using it, brush the brow in the direction you like.
  • If you want a dramatic look, brush the brow up on an outward slant. In case relaxed look is what you are after, brushing in a more rounded direction will be appropriate.
  • Using the eyebrow pencil, draw the shape that you want your eyebrows to have, along with the arch. This will serve as your guide for tweezing.
  • Pluck all the hair beneath as well as above the line that you drew with the help of the eyebrow pencil.
  • With the help of makeup brush, remove the hair plucked from your eyebrows. Now, again comb it, in the desired shape, with eyebrow brush.
  • If you feel that your eyebrow has been shaped properly, move on to the next step. Otherwise, continue with the plucking procedure, till you obtain the desired result.
  • With the help of tweezers, clean up the area between your two eyebrows as well as any strays above the brows.
  • Finally, making use of the eyebrow pencil, fill in your eyebrows. Make sure that the inner end of your eyebrows is slightly thicker and fuller than the outside end. 
Using Razor
Items Needed
  • Eyebrow Razor
  • Eyebrow Pencil
  • Mirror
  • Conditioner (same kind you use to condition hair)
  • Alcohol
  • Cotton Ball 
  • Pour a little conditioner on a cotton ball and dab it over your eyebrows.
  • Standing in front of the mirror, use your eyebrow pencil and put it parallel with your eye and nose. Draw a thin line to mark the spot. Repeat this for the other eye as well.
  • The next step would be to line up your eyebrow pencil, where the iris ends as this is the point from where the arch should ideally start. Mark the point and line up the arch at an angle.
  • Now, mark a line at the end of your eye, so that it stretches diagonally to your eyebrow. This is where the eyebrow should end.
  • Once you have marked all the positions, use your left hand to stretch the skin around your eyebrow. Stretching makes the skin tight, thereby allowing removal of hair.
  • Do not make haste while removing the hair. First, decide how thick or thin you want your eyebrow to be.
  • Now, holding the razor at a horizontal angle, start removing the extra hair that lie outside the line.  
  • Once you have finished arching one eye, move onto the other, repeating the same process. However, this time you have to be double conscious to ensure that both the eyebrows are of the same level and same size; else, you have to sport uneven eyebrows.
  • Look into the mirror for flaws, if any. Also, remove any hair that is connecting your eyebrows.
  • Once you are done with the arching process, dab some alcohol over a cotton ball and wipe each of the eyebrows. The last thing you want to see is monstrous razor bumps adorning your face.

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