The shoe fashion in 2009 will see new designs being introduced and some old ones coming back. Read on to explore the shoe trends for 2009.

Shoes In 2009

2008 is about to end and it is the time for welcoming the New Year i.e. 2009 with open arms. With the coming year, trends, right from those in hairstyles to home colors to clothes, are going to change. Just like every other item in your wardrobe, shoes will also see some new designs being introduced and some old ones making a comeback. While stilettos will be seen on the ramps once again, lace-up shoes will be seen adorning the feet of women in markets. Want to know more about the shoe trends in 2009? Go through the information provided in the lines below.
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Shoes Fashion in 2009
  • As far as the winters of 2009 are concerned, boots are all set to make a comeback. The length will be above the knee and the material - both leather and suede. You can wear them over slim pants, tights as well as with short skirts and dresses. On the other extreme, shoe boots or ankle boots will be making their debut.
  • Lace-up shoes and boots are surely going to be popular in the coming year. However, you will have to move over the granny boots of yesteryears. Rather, the sleek and highly fashion lace-up, with high heels and finishes like leather, is what will make a style statement in 2009. The colors will be bright and vivid, to make up for the dark winter clothes.
  • The high-heeled Mary Jane shoes will continue into the coming year as well. However, this time, there will be a twist involved in the shoes. It will be a sort of mix between 'school girl shoes' and 'vamp shoes', with lots of buckles and really high heels thrown in-between. Variations will include bright colors, luxe fabrics and sharply pointed toes.
  • Cut-out boots are there to woo you in 2009, in winters as well as in early summers. Designers have made the shoes last longer than the freezing winters by opting for open-toes, cut-away sides and even cut-out heels. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and buy high cut shoes that will last a number of months.
  • Fringed boots will define the winter look in 2009. The height will be limited to ankle, with details like studs and tooled leather adding to the bohemian feel. You can go for short fringed ankle-boots, in leather or suede, with short dresses or tights. Be it a party wear or a casual dress, these shoes go with one and all. 
  • Stilettos are surely going to make a comeback in 2009. They will be dominating the ramps as well as the roads once again. However, this year stilettos will also see a variation, in the form of a combination of the high, pencil heels at the back and a hidden platform in the front part of the shoe. Remember, the higher the stilettos, the better they look.
  • The gladiator sandals are going to be hot in 2009. Greco-Roman footwear is all set to be sported on almost every second foot in the coming year. Heavily strapped and heeled versions of sandals will surely be a hit amongst the hot girls!
  • Platform sandals will also form a part of the shoe trend in 2009. There will be two types of platform sandals, one will have a platform heel through and through and other will have platforms on the front side of the sandal, with heel either being thin or tapered or block. 
Prints and Colors 
  • In 2009, animal prints will surely rule the roost. Boots in fake snakeskin and crocodile skin shoes, worn in combination with wide leg pants and skirts, will be the 'in' style. However, make sure that you avoid gaudy and cheap-looking boots. The leather look is all about quality.
  • The coming year is going to witness 'flower power' being evident on shoes. Your sandals will have floral themes, in prints, appliqués and even embellishments. Whether you go for subtle floral designs or go extreme with the look will entirely be your choice.
  • Talking about shoe colors, bright, hot and vivid are the keywords for 2009. Move over blacks and browns and welcome the hot hues of red, orange and yellow into your shoe-rack. Just make sure to pair these colors with skin-friendlier shades, like blue and white. Pink is also going to be popular this season.
  • Shoes in a single color seem to be boring, don't they? If you are also of the same opinion, then it is the time to rejoice. The coming year will see two-toned as well as multiple color shoes making a style statement. As for the colors themselves, anything and everything will work, right from bold and bright shades like red to classic shades of grey and black. 
  • Thin, pencil heels are there to stay in 2009 as well. They look extremely sexy and can add oodles of 'oomph' to any and every outfit. Though you will not get any comfort, there will be envious glances from other females and admiring looks from all the males in your vicinity.
  • On one extreme, stilettos will be making heads turn in 2009. On the other, thick and chunky heels will be seen ruling the ramps. Yes, platforms will not be vanishing in the coming year. So, you can assure your feet some more months of comfort.
  • 2009 will see the entry of tapered heels on the fashion circuit. They are thick at the top and slim down as they reach the ground. These heels often taper down, with a curve, into a stiletto-esque point at the bottom. They look pretty sexy and can spice up dull outfits as well.
  • Wedge heels and ballet flats are there to stay around in the coming year. The wedges will be reaching even greater heights, while flats will provide you with the much-needed break from the stilettos. Ballet flats will be seen in a variety of new colors and fabrics, including satin. 
  • Squared-off toes gained much popularity in 2008 and the trend is going to stretch into 2009 as well. However, the fully squared toe has been given a miss. Rather, the coming year will see a deluge of the new squared-off shape, which is tapered in toe with a short blunt nose.
  • Pointed toe is back in fashion once again. And…this time, it is the razor-sharp pointy toes that are going to become a hit. What with stilettos making a comeback, it will be only justified that pointed toe becomes the fashion mantra.

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