Teenagers follow the fashion trend even more religiously than adults. Go through this article and find the latest information on Teen Fashion 2009 in India.

Teen Fashion 2009

Fashion is one word that almost every female adheres to, right from a 15-year old teenager to a 50-year old woman. In fact, females and fashion have always been inseparable. When it comes to teens, who have to attend school or college, going by the latest fashion trends is really important. This is why; we have provided information on the teenager fashion trends that are going to be evident in 2009, in the lines below. Just go through it, follow it and make sure that you sport the 'in' look now and always!
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Teen Fashion Trends 2009 
  • In the coming year, blue is the color to look out for. Blue dresses, blue jeans, blue t-shirts - anything will do. Just make sure to pair it with bright colors like orange, yellow and red.
  • 2009 will see floral prints being back in vogue. Go ahead and buy that dress in floral print that you have been eyeing for long. Just remember to pair it up with sexy shoes and accessories.
  • Multi-colored 'maxi dress' is another teen trend that is going to be popular in the coming year. As for the prints, apart from floral, you can go for unusual geometrical patterns.
  • If you are looking for party wear, then 2009 is all set to welcome the one-shoulder dresses with open arms. You can use belts and stiletto heels to spice up the look further.
  • Talking about embellishments, sequins are going to rule the roost in 2009. Short dresses, adorned with a lot of sequins and combined with suede ankle boots, is just the look for you.
  • Denim was, is and will be popular as long as humans continue to exist. However, the cut in jeans has tapered down to make way for slim pants, especially the ones that can be worn with knee-high boots.
  • Capris will continue to be popular in the coming year as well. If you team it up with a casual, but stylish t-shirt, you are ready to rock and roll all the way around.
  • There was a time when accessories used to be reserved for that 'special look'. Now, they form a part of your everyday wear. Belts, chains and scarves, along with chunky earrings and bracelets, will dominate 2009.
  • When the talk is about accessories, how can one forget the quintessential handbag? In 2009, fake crocodile or patent leather are sure to make heads turns. You can also go for plain monogram purses, suitable for any and every occasion.
  • Flat shoes are very likely to be seen in 2009. You can go for patterned slip-ons, strappy sandals or ballet shoes, the choice is entirely yours. Comfortable and stylish canvas flats are also something to look out for.

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