A drift from the usual is what is necessary to look like a punk individual. Unusual dress, look, music are all a part of the culture. If you want to know how to be a punk, read on.

How To Be Punk

Want to move against the crowd and be a part of the loud and hyperactive society? To be a punk is all about staying away from the norm and fighting against the establishment. Punk culture is a culmination of a particular style of music, fashion, dance, art, film, literature and ideologies, where art takes the center stage. Punk society dates back to the sixties. The ethnicity of the individuals following the punk culture is characterized by energetic, anti-establishment music and youth sporting messy clothing in vibrant colors. It's all about people standing for the things they believe in and making a statement with their look, hair, dress, body and attitude. Read on to find how to look as well as dress like a punk.
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How To Be Punk 
  • The first step towards being a punk is to get the look. You need to revamp your wardrobe with clothes that reflect the punk style, such as denim, leather, leopard print, tartan and masks. T-shirts printed with weird, eye-catching logos and band paraphernalia form the typical punk uniform. Pants with many zippers or safety pins are also commonly worn.
  • Shoes make up an important part of the punk look. In this case, branded shoes do not work and combat shoes are a must. Women can opt for pumps and cowboy boots, rather than going for men shoes.
  • Hairstyles are a part of the fashion statement and add to the overall appearance. The most popular hair styles include Spikes and Mohawks. You can also go for vibrant colors for your hair. Some other variants include 80’s hair, big hair, shaved hair and devil locks.
  • Piercing and tattoos hold the key to the punk fashion style. Art defines the punk style and what better way portray it than to have some tattoos and piercing done on your body.
  • Along with styling your look, it is imperative to learn as well as love punk rock music. If you do not like the music, styling in sync with the punk culture would be useless. There are various genres of punk style. Decide on the kind of music you enjoy and what type of punk you want to be.
  • The best option would be to hang out with other punk people. This would prove to be very fruitful as you would get to know their mindset and learn more about the punk style. Remember 'birds of same feather flock together', so get going with other punk people.
  • Attend a lot of punk concerts and clubs. This would serve dual purpose - you would get a taste of the music and also have the opportunity to meet new punk people.

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