Themed bridal dress is specifically prepared keeping in mind the theme of the wedding. Read on to explore some ideas on theme wedding gowns.

Themed Wedding Dress

A themed wedding is one of the popular ways of celebrating the occasion in a different manner. By choosing a wedding theme, couples can easily coordinate wedding invitation designs, wedding favors, reception decorations, colors, and other details. This also includes the bride's dress, which may not be a white wedding gown to fit the overall design of the event. In effect, the bridal dress should truly compliment the lovely theme chosen for the wedding. Given below are some interesting ideas on themed wedding dress.
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Themed Wedding Dress Ideas 
  • One of the most convenient ways of matching your dress with the wedding theme is by choosing an appropriate color. The complimentary color can be added in the form of a colored sash, delicately colored embroidery, colored edging along the neckline, hem, or sleeves of the dress. Moreover, an inset panel in the front or back of the dress with the appropriate color or colored embroidery, colored crystals, beads, or sequins to adorn the gown can also be tried. You can even go for a full colored wedding dress.
  • At times, it might be difficult to find the appropriate gown for your wedding, if the theme is too unusual. In such a case, go for custom dress designers, who would be able to cater to your personalized needs. Brides can also search online bridal shops and designers for extraordinary designs that compliment their chosen theme.
  • In case, it becomes too difficult to manage a suitable dress for a specific theme, add other themed details to the bride’s attire. For instance, a butterfly hair pin or barrette can be worn by a bride for a butterfly theme. Bridal flip flops are a fun accessory for beach weddings, while tropical leis are ideal for either beach or Hawaiian weddings. A delicate tiara is perfect for a princess theme. Moreover, the bride’s wedding bouquet can represent the overall theme of the ceremony.
  • Make sure you exercise moderation while setting a theme for the event.  This is because too much of a theme based ceremony will steal the nascent loveliness of the event. This holds true for the wedding dress as well. Though it can be altered to suit your needs, wedding gown should exude the traditional modesty and sanctity.

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