Wedding jewelry is an essential part of the Bridesmaid ensemble. Learn more about bridesmaid jewellery.

Bridesmaid Wedding Jewelry

Without appropr iate jewelry, even the prettiest of dresses look incomplete. The same holds true for a wedding dress as well, which cannot be imagined without jewelry. With regard to bridesmaid jewelry, it is usually given as a traditional gift to a bridesmaid. However, while buying the jewelry, one should keep in mind that it gels well with the color of the bridesmaid dress, the theme of the wedding as well as the atmosphere of the wedding. Though the bridesmaid’s dress or jewelry is not as high profile as the bride, yet it should complement the bride’s overall wedding arrangement. Overdoing can cause to highlight the bridesmaid more than the bride and underdoing it shall not add charm to the wedding. So, on the whole it should be a perfect balance. You may have chosen the dress for your bridesmaid(s), but not the jewelry. Most of the brides find it pretty easy when it comes to arranging attires and jewelry for their bridesmaids. But, like every other detail of a wedding, finding the right outfit and the accessories for the bridesmaid is equally important. To help you achieve the same, given below are some point on wedding jewelry for bridesmaid.
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Wedding Jewelry for Bridesmaid
  • The bridesmaid can go for a traditional piece of bridal jewelry in the form of classic ear rings such as drop style earrings, dangle ropes, crystal, pearl or silver stud earrings, small silver hoops, etc.
  • Necklace is the traditional piece of bridesmaid jewelry, which can be in the form of simple pearl chokers, a strand of pearls, or a simple silver chain. A crystal, pearl or other solitaire charm, such as a silver heart or floral design, on a pretty chain will also be a charming accent. However, keep the neckline of the gown in mind before choosing a specific necklace design.
  • Apart from ear rings and necklace, bracelets also compliment the bridesmaid attire well. Vine style bracelets provide a pretty, feminine touch to the ensemble. Moreover, a charm or toggle charm bracelet can be engraved as a special, personalized memento for your bridesmaids. Bracelets compliment the sleeveless bridesmaid gowns perfectly. They even work well with cap, short, or sheer sleeved styles. However, if the bridal party dress is long, full sleeved style, skip the bracelet.
  • For a vintage wedding theme, a bridesmaid can even wear various vintage jewelry items such as brooches, rose pendant chokers, dual layered crystal necklaces, Jackie O' style pearl chokers, milk glass earrings and brooches, chunky art deco necklaces, bangle bracelets, pear cut gem necklace and earring sets.
  • While selecting the jewelry for the bridesmaid, it is important to keep in mind the neckline of the dress. You will not like to don a plunging neckline with a pendant touching the neckline. Necklaces should follow the dresses’ necklines, for bridesmaids to look spectacular.
  • It is advisable that the brides offer her bridesmaids the option of choosing their own jewelry. They know what can make them dazzle on the wedding, so, they can choose accordingly.
  • Coordination of the dress and the jewelry is one of the prime elements of bridesmaid’s dress. If the dress is simple, you can accompany it with ornamental jewelry. Simple jewelry should be worn with dresses which are heavily embroidered.
  • Bracelets go well with sleeveless or half-sleeved dresses. Charm bracelets can be great choice as they can be personalized and are also less expensive. Instead of gifting your bridesmaid a simple diamond studded bracelet, you can add a personal touch to match the theme of the wedding. You may like to give her a ‘friend’ charm to express your love and appreciation for being a great friend and also for her support in the wedding. Your options are endless here.
  • If budget is not a constraint in your wedding, you can gift expensive jewelry to your bridesmaid, for instance, diamonds. Gifting diamonds serves two purposes: first, the obvious reason for which you have gifted her diamonds, i.e. to wear them at your wedding, and second to show your gratitude. Moreover, the bridesmaid can wear them in several other occasions, as they are diamonds, after all!
  • Brides who want to give wedding jewelry as a gift to their bridesmaid, can place them in pretty jewelry cases. Jewelry boxes or cases are available in plenty of designs and colors. A satin or velvet lined jewelry box is an excellent manner of presenting your gift. Your bridesmaid shall treasure it.
Bridesmaids are an integral of part of weddings. Though the bride is the queen on her wedding day, yet the rest of her friends of whom some may be her bridesmaids should not be ignored. It is partially because of their backing and hard work that a bride gets to experience her dream wedding. Moreover, everyone wants to be at their best in a wedding ceremony and apart from the bride, the groom and the family, it is the bridesmaids who organize the party. Also, the bridesmaids represent the bride, which means they have to be dressed accordingly. This is where the bride has to sit and decide a dress code for her bridesmaids. Once the dresses are picked, it’s time for the jewelry. Jewelries are best accessories ever and cannot be overlooked. So, no matter how busy the bride is, she should take some time out for selecting the best kind of jewelry to complement her bridesmaids’ dresses.

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