How to make hair grow faster is the biggest query on women’s side. Given below are some useful ways for making hairs grow faster.

How To Make Hair Grow Faster

Long hair acts like a natural crown on the head, enhancing the persona and beauty of an individual. The yearning for long and beautiful hair even finds place in the fantasies, of both men and women. However, it holds immense importance for women, who are admired for the asset. This makes them ever curious to know how to make hair grow fast. Also, when you get a new haircut, and it doesn’t turn out to be as expected, you wish your hair could grow faster.. It is not a farfetched idea but does need a substantial about of hard work. And no, it does not involve buying expensive products or getting skinned at the high-end salons. There are simple and natural things you can do, mostly at home, to make your hair grow faster. Long hair need maintenance and care. You must treat them like a jewel, like a piece of silk that needs a very gentle handling and preservation. Whenever you manhandle your hair with chemicals or otherwise or even if you have not been taking rich diet––it shows on your skin and hair the most. It is necessary for you to love your hair, if you want to keep them healthy. Apart from this, you require a stable and rich diet, along with some hygienic practices and precautions, to make them look desirable. Read on to know some useful ways to make hair grow faster, our prospective Rapunzles.  
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Tips for Making Hair Grow Faster 
  • Make sure your diet is healthy and you are taking enough sleep. Reduce stress levels to become fit, as hair reflects the physical condition of your health. When you take a lot of stress it first shows on your skin and hair. Your hair will start looking dull and lifeless and skin will lose its lustre and look flaky. The best way to deal with stress and not let it affect your precious hair is to start practicing some sort of exercise regime daily. This could be anything––yoga, gym, zumba, swimming, etc. You do not have to worry about which physical activity will give you more benefits, anything your heart sets itself on just do it. This will help you release the pent up stress and then it will not affect your hair.
  • Hair primarily consists of protein, so make sure you get enough of it. The environmental impurities and use of heating devices to style your hair on the daily basis can adversely affect your hair by breaking down the protein in your hair. Protein helps in giving your hair the smoother texture and stronger structure. Therefore, it becomes imperative to include nuts, fruits, vegetable, grains, poultry, eggs, etc in your daily intake if you want to have healthy and long hair. Also, you can give yourself protein rich treatment at home by making either an egg mask or yogurt mask or mayonnaise and avocado mask for your hair.
  • You can even take vitamin supplements and minerals, such as biotin, beta-carotene, biosil, B-complexes, magnesium, sulfur, zinc, silica, nettle, and flaxseed oil, that are assumed to contribute to hair growth.
  • Regulate blood supply to your scalp. This can be by two ways. One is by doing cardio exercises and other by messaging your scalp with fingertips. If you find it difficult to give yourself the head massage then know that many salons offer this service. The best way to get benefits out of the head oil massage is to give yourself a hot towel treatment after that. This is very simple; all you got to do is to cover your head in a hot towel. This will ensure that the oil massaged on your scalp is soaked right in through the pores because of the heat and moisture.
  • Never use a bristled brush for combing your hair. Always make use of boar bristled brush, as it will lessen hair fall and also prevent occurrence of split-ends. Never comb your hair when it is wet. Hair is too vulnerable after a wash and requires extra care. Also, never try to dry your hair vigorously with a towel; it will break your hair. Just allow your hair to dry naturally to maintain the quality.
  • Do not wash your hair too frequently, as the oils produced by the scalp are good for the health of your hair. But also keep in mind that your hair should be clean all the time. Do not keep your hair oily because then the pores on the scalp will start trapping the dirt and clogging itself. This will severely affect the health and growth of your hair. Use a suitable shampoo, which is in accordance with the type of hair you have.
  • Give yourself the hairdo which prevents hair from the probable environmental damages. Make buns, ponytail, plaits, French braids, etc, to save them from rough usage.
  • Do not use excessive hot water or blow dry for washing or styling your hair. If you have to use the styling appliances on your hair anyway, then make it a habit to use heat protectant products before using the heat on your hair. These products come in the form of heat defiant creams, serums, etc.
  • Cover your hair with a cap or scarf, when outside. This will prevent them from excessive hot, cold or windy conditions.

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