Love to wear waterproof mascara, but don’t know how to remove it easily? Read this article and get some great tips on removing waterproof mascara.

How to Remove Waterproof Mascara

Mascara is one of the best cosmetic items to have been invented till date. It adds length as well as volume to your lashes and makes your eyes look like those of a demi-goddess. As you fluttered those lashes, you could see many men drooling all over you. In that wasn’t enough, the cosmetic companies came out with waterproof mascara. So now, you are no longer afraid of getting wet in the rain, while having your mascara on. The only problem that remains is getting the waterproof mascara off your lashes and this is exactly what we are here for. Check out the tips given below, for removing waterproof mascara.
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How to Remove Waterproof Mascara
Remove Waterproof Mascara With Mascara Remover 
  • If you are a regular mascara user, the first thing, which you would need, is a good mascara remover. Invest in mascara remover creams, which specialize in removing waterproof mascara. Choose from reputed brands such as Lancome, Chanel, Clarins, Elizabeth Arden etc. 
  • Take a soft makeup wipe or a cotton ball and dab a little mascara remover on it.
  • Carefully wipe the mascara with it. Don’t dab too hard otherwise you may pull out some lashes.
  • After you have cleared the mascara, splash water on it and apply eye cream. 
Remove Waterproof Mascara With Baby Oil 
  • Take a clean cotton ball and dab some baby oil ore petroleum jelly on it.
  • Now, close your eyes and place the ball over your lashes. Make sure that the baby oil or the petroleum jelly doesn’t go into the eyes.
  • Keep the cotton ball soaked in the baby oil or petroleum jelly on your mascara for few seconds. It gives the time to the oil or the petroleum jelly to break up the mascara.
  • Now wipe the lashes in the outer direction with the soaked cotton ball. Wipe it until it becomes black with smudge.
  • Now, take another clean cotton ball and dab it with your daily cleanser. Use this to clean your lashes thoroughly.
  • In place of baby oil, you can also use baby shampoo for cleaning your lashes. However, you don’t require leaving it; just use it to wipe the lashes.
Remove Waterproof Mascara With Olive Oil 
  • According to some experts, removing mascara with baby oil can hamper the eyes as it has petroleum in it. These experts stresses on the use of olive oil for removing waterproof mascara.
  • First, you need to splash the water on your face and especially on the eyelids. Wash your lashes with water two to three times.
  • Now dab a cotton ball in olive oil and gently press it on your eyelashes. You need to be careful not to pull out the eyelashes. Wipe the lashes with the soaked cotton balls. If necessary, use another soaked cotton ball to remove the mascara. Wipe until the black smudge stops coming out of your lashes.
  • Now wash your face with clear lukewarm water and apply eye cream.

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